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After a long day at work, it’s always nice to relax in the comfort of your own home. A calm moment of tranquillity may do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Little touches play an important part in transforming your residence into a haven, and one of the things that may transform a typical house into a haven of zen is a Buddha.

A Buddha statue for home offers a sense of calm and tranquillity in a household. This is why you’ll discover these tranquil furnishings in many houses or hotels. In Feng Shui, a Buddha statue is said to bring chi, or beneficial energy, into any space.

For Buddhists, a Buddha murti has special value. There are Buddha statues in numerous stances and hand movements, each with symbolism and spiritual traits. Buddha sculptures motivate individuals to cultivate inner attributes and character traits that provide them pleasure, joy, inner peace, and serenity.

According to a saying, “If they would set a Buddha statue in a prominent location at home or work. Then comes inspiration and the image for daily motivation, as well as awareness of one’s talents, which are required to live a successful life.” You can buy a Buddha idol online or from an antique shop nearby. This blog conveys the meaning of Buddha idols’ poses and the materials used. 

Bring the Buddha statue home 

According to most Feng Shui experts, the larger the Buddha, the more good luck it may bring. If you’re not sure what Gautam Buddha statue for home decor to acquire at this stage, Buddha idols online India stores will undoubtedly have something that will fit your style and taste and the sort of mood you want to bring into your area. Buddha sculptures may be purchased from Svastika’s carefully selected collection, including brass Buddha statue, marble Buddha idol, white marble Buddha statue, black Buddha statue and antique wood Buddha idols.

Significance of Buddha statue 

Buddha sculptures hold significant meaning for Buddhists. They not only symbolize their teacher, the Buddha but also inspire and encourage people to pursue the Dhamma path via meditation. There are Buddha statues in various positions and hand gestures, each with unique symbolic and spiritual characteristics. 

The Lord Buddha statue for home depict many elements of life, death, serenity, and other topics. Buddha sculptures motivate individuals to cultivate inner attributes and character traits that provide them pleasure, joy, inner peace, and serenity. When we meditate on the Gautam Buddha murti, we experience inner serenity, and our mind, heart, and soul become enlightened.

Different types of Buddha statues with their meanings 

Each traditional stance represents a significant event in the life of the Historical Buddha. Nearly 100 stances depict the Buddha’s life, also known as asanas or attitudes. And each stance will have its hand gesture, known as a Mudra. In general, the sculptures of the Buddha statue online are reproductions of highly revered statues.

Protection Buddha statue

This image of a sitting Buddha with his right hand uplifted and looking outwards has two interpretations. The shield is represented by the uplifted right hand. Overcoming fear is the second meaning closely tied to the first.

Teaching Buddha statue

This sculpture represents intelligence, comprehension, and completing one’s destiny. Both hands are held at chest level, making a circle with the thumb and index fingers. The right hand has its palm in, whereas the left has its palm out. The Teaching Buddha portrays the Buddha’s first sermon after attaining enlightenment.

Earthtouching Gautam Buddha murti

The most common Buddha position in Thai temples is with the legs crossed, the left hand in the lap, and the right hand directed to the earth with the palm facing inward toward the Buddha. This is known as the ‘Calling The Earth to Witness’ stance, and it represents the Buddha’s moment of enlightenment.

Meditating Buddha Statue

In this position, the Meditation Buddha statue is depicted with both hands in his lap, face up, and his legs crossed, either in a Double Lotus pose or a Single Lotus pose. This statue is for persons who want to develop their meditation abilities or who are yearning for tranquillity in their life.

Begging Buddha idol

This Buddha idol shows arms bowed at the elbows and an alms bowl at chest level. This monument represents compassion and concern for all living things. Monks (including the Buddha) did not beg for food. Instead, they gathered alms. The distinction is that collecting alms helps those who give charity to gain virtue (meaning, to acquire good karma).

Benefits of a Buddha statue at home 

Buddha statues represent inner pleasure, calm, and happiness. They are a great inspiration for all people. According to Buddhist Literature, a Buddha Statue online can represent various things that can assist us in various ways.

A sign of hope

Lord Buddha statue is a symbol of hope. Hope is the one thing that ever motivates individuals to make efforts for themselves in life. In the absence of hope, talented individuals sometimes become trapped. And with hope, even those with nothing left in this world may overcome their misfortune and move on with determination.

A sign of faith

Faith is the willpower that motivates individuals to take action. In other words, faith is what individuals believe in and accomplish while assisting others in making their own decisions. The most powerful force against pain is self-belief. Keeping a Buddha in a specific stance offers you the strength to believe in yourself.

A sign of enlightenment

Enlightenment solved all of Gautama Buddha’s inquiries in ancient times. He attained enlightenment after quitting his regal life and through meditating. Buddha meditated under a Bodhi tree, where he attained nirvana after many years of continual meditation. The Buddha sculptures explain enlightenment and impart life and death lessons. 

Where to keep the Buddha statue at home? 

A Buddha statue, by itself, will always be associated with serenity and wealth. However, you must understand just how to receive its rewards. Here are 7 of the greatest ways to install the statue to guarantee that only positive vibes travel through your house.

Make the statue face the entrance door

At home, the first thing we notice is the entrance. Place a protective Monk Buddha statue in front of your entrance to draw positive energy. It is also supposed to drive away any negative energy that attempts to enter your home. Place your white Buddha statue on a table, not on the floor.

Keep one in the garden

Should you consider gardens relaxing in your house, you may wish to add another peaceful touch with a Buddha nearby. Find a meditating Buddha statue when looking for Buddha idols online. It would be good to position it in the corner of your garden.

Place the Buddha idol on an altar

Most Buddhist houses place this artwork in a prayer hall or at least an altar since this is where they can focus and pray as deeply as they can, away from outside distractions. Place a small Buddha statue in a peaceful spot of your home.

May set Buddha statue in the living room

You may place a Buddha head statue on a high shelf to create a good and welcome atmosphere, especially when you have guests. It will undoubtedly spark a conversation.

Position one in the study room

If you do some study, you will discover several Buddhas and their meanings. This prized item might differ from one statue to the next, including attracting academic excellence. Place a teaching Buddha statue on your study desk to attain academic goals.

Keep a Buddha statue in the yoga room

When put in a specific area where you practice yoga or meditation routines, a Buddha statue can provide you with that extra good energy to raise your mood and preserve your equilibrium. Take care to maintain the figure at eye level so you can see it while sitting.

Materials used for Buddha idols 

Gold plated Vairocana Buddha idol

Enlightenment is represented by this Vairocana Buddha meditating on a lotus petal. Vairocana Buddha is thought to be the culmination of all Dhyani buddhas, which explains why it has a white complexion since white develops from all hues. This Lord Buddha statue for home is made of polystone and plated in 24 k gold.

Golden and white Reclining Buddha idol

A sleeping Buddha statue laying on his right side with his head resting on his right elbow represents the possibility of all creatures becoming awakened and freed from the cycle of death and rebirth. This Buddha has long been a beautiful peace symbol. The Buddha murti for home is constructed of resin and plated with 24 k gold. This cute Buddha statue is available on Svastika.

Half-faced Amoghasiddhi white Buddha statue

This Amoghasiddhi Buddha represents serenity, protection, and the destruction of fear. It conveys a sensation of serenity to all of the senses. It is considered that those who follow his way may boldly exhibit themselves in any scenario. This Gautam Buddha statue for home is constructed of high-quality polyresin and is attractively crafted in India. You can put this Amoghasiddhi Buddha in your pooja room.

Bronze Buddha statue

Bronze Buddha Statues evoke sentiments of serenity that represent one’s proper discipline and focus. It aids in the management of bad thoughts. The golden tone of bronze Buddha statues is captivating. It brings peace and tranquillity to the heart and spirit. You can buy Buddha idol online or at handicraft sovereign display events.


1. Where to keep the Buddha idol at home?

You can keep the Buddha idol at the home entrance to draw positive energy. You may also put them in the study room or yoga room to help you focus. Keep a Buddha statue in the living room, and one may be kept in the garden to draw more tranquillity.

2. Is it bad to have a Buddha statue at home?

Many are there who bring Buddha idols home. Buddha statues inspire people to develop inner qualities and character characteristics that provide pleasure, joy, inner calm, and tranquillity.

3. Can we give Buddha statue as a gift?

Yes, surely you can gift a Buddha statue to your friends, relatives, and colleagues. You may give a Buddha idol as a housewarming gift or on any other occasion. A car dashboard Buddha can also be a good present.

4. How do you take care of a Buddha statue? 

The Buddha statue for home vastu says that it should never be kept in the bedroom or bathroom. Clean the place around the statue at all times. Make sure the statue is facing the room’s interior and never gazing out. To cleanse the air around the idol, you can light candles or incense sticks.

5. Which Buddha is good for wealth?

The Laughing Buddha Is perceived as one Of the wealthiest Gods. It brings you prosperity, success, and financial gains. However, you should be careful about the location of the Laughing Buddha.

6. What are the types of buddha idols available at Svastika? 

At Svastika, you can get a variety of Buddha idol online starting from Vairocana meditating Buddha, standing golden Buddha statue, reclining Buddha idol, white Buddha half face idol, silver-plated Gautam Buddha ki murti, and many other options which are carefully handcrafted by the Indian craftsmanship.