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In the era of e-commerce, we present you with our impressive gold & silver plated, marble powder and brass collection of Lord Krishna statues at affordable rates. Be it a special occasion or any auspicious event, gifting your loved one’s a Krishna murti is considered auspicious. Lord Krishna murti, when placed at home, adds elegance to your interior & brings positivity to your surroundings. Our elegant range of Krishna statues are extremely unique and we keep coming with beautiful designs of Krishna Ji’s Murti

Krishna With Flute Car Idol
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Buy Krishna Idol online, Krishna Statue For Home And Decoration 

Krishna is a Hindu deity. He is Lord Vishnu’s eighth avatar. Krishna is recognized as the deity of love, fortune, and prosperity in Hinduism. Bringing a Krishna idol into your home invites all the positive omens he provides. 

Krishna is the most beautiful name in the universe, drawing ultimate celestial powers and wonderful energy from all corners. As a God, he is the source of all existence. He is the creator and protector of humanity’s awareness.

People worship Krishna statues at home to combat bad energy and strengthen the holy force of love and devotion.

Krishna appears regularly throughout the globe to free his people from materialistic beliefs. He revealed the road of love and fought against the dark forces surrounding them.

He did extraordinary feats such as eating forest fires, lifting mountains with one finger, and fighting powerful creatures. He is always regarded as the most powerful force, capable of withstanding any negative energy. As a result, you should bring Lord Krishna idol home.

What is the Story of Krishna Idol? 

Devaki, Lord Krishna’s mother, represents the physical body, whereas Vasudeva, Lord Krishna’s father, represents Prana (the vital life force). Joy (Krishna) is born when Prana increases in the body.

That is why Krishna is known as Nandalala, or the personification of happiness. You may feel endless vastness within this little body (through spiritual practices).

Kamsa represents the ego. Kamsa is Devaki’s sibling, implying that the ego is born with the body. Joy is the ego’s most formidable foe. The ego cannot live and must submit wherever there is joy and love.

A guy might be quite powerful in society, but he melts in front of his small child. When a child becomes unwell, no matter how strong the person is, he feels powerless.

When confronted with love, simplicity, and joy, the ego melts. This is why ego (Kamsa) and love are at odds. Krishna is the embodiment of pleasure, the essence of simplicity, and the wellspring of all love.

According to legend, the jail guards fell asleep when Krishna was born. Because they are oriented outward when awake, the guards represent the five senses, which defend the ego.

The body seems like a prison with no happiness and joy (Lord Krishna). When Lord Krishna (joy) was born in this prison, all the senses (represented by the jail guards) fell asleep (body).

The five senses – the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin – serve as the ego’s protectors, keeping you so concentrated on the outside that you miss the boundless sky within. Bliss is produced within when one focuses deeply on the source of joy, Lord Krishna.

The Symbolism of the Lord Krishna Idol 

Lord Krishna statue is the most worshipped God of all time, and all living things lavishly outfit him. He can be shown joyfully clutching his flute in various guises as cows stand behind him, enjoying his tune.

Lord Krishna’s peacock feather represents both beauty and understanding. Peacocks are the most gorgeous creatures on the planet and the most stunning birds.

Krishna has been proven to be a fan of this bird’s plumage from his boyhood. He dresses with a peacock feather and wears it on his head.

Krishna is a music fanatic known for drawing everyone, both living and non-living, with his music.

Krishna dashed into the bush one day and asked the bamboo tree for a little stem, and the bamboo was so delighted that he forgot about the anguish he would feel cutting it.

Lord Krishna apologized for hurting the bamboo but promised to treasure it and keep it near. He chopped the plant and fashioned it into a beautiful flute. It was completely hollow on the inside, but as Krishna began to play the music, all creatures began to flock to it. As they listened to the music, everyone was thrilled.

Types of Krishna Idols for home

Radha Krishna Idol Gold Plated with Cow Standing Statue

Radha-Krishna is regarded in Hinduism as the united manifestations of God’s feminine and masculine truths. Krishna is said to enchant the entire universe, but Radha enchants even Him. As a result, she is the ultimate goddess of all.

The gorgeous 2.6-kilogram shape of this Radha Krishna Idol for home surrounds us with a serene, harmonious, and spiritual atmosphere filled with good energy.

Radha Krishna Pocket Temple

This puja box was created in honor of the Hindu power couple Radha and Krishna. It has 24KT gold foil-wrapped symbols and iconography. The sacred hymns devoted to Krishna are etched in gold within the box.

The top portion of the box depicts Krishna playing the flute and Radha listening to the symphony.

Lord Krishna with Flute Idol

Bringing Lord Krishna’s Idol into your business, house, or automobile invites all of the positive omens he brings with him. If you wish to share the love and riches Lord Krishna offers, you might present the Idol.

With measurements, the Idol will fit wonderfully in your home temple or automobile dashboard. Lord Krishna Idol For Home and Car is created from resin with an electro gold plated metal drape, flute, and crown.

Baal Gopal with Feather Idol

In India, peacocks are regarded as a sign of purity. Lord Krishna used to wear a peacock feather with his crown, demonstrating the significance of the peacock feather to Lord Krishna.

The significance of the peacock feather in decreasing a person’s worries in life and bringing them pleasure, serenity, and prosperity is mentioned in religious literature. With measurements, the Bal Krishna idol will fit wonderfully in your home temple or on your automobile dashboard.

Laddu Gopal Krishna eating Makhan Murti

Laddu Gopal Ji is a well-known and well-liked Hindu divinity. From the moment he was born, Baal Krishna began demonstrating heavenly skills and amusing deeds known as Bal Leela.

This Laddu Gopal Krishna statue is the ideal holy and spiritual home decoration item. This Krishna murti online from Svastika is composed of poly plastic and 24Karat gold plating for maximum strength and beauty.

Benefits of Krishna Idol For Home 

If stress and business troubles bother you, you might install a Lord Krishna statue for home playing the flute in your house or office. It will increase stability and harmony. Krishna’s flute is meant to carry away all your difficulties and sufferings.

In general, the majority of our guests and clients visit our house and workplace. Installing a Krishna statue in these locations will bring positive energy into your house and business.

Can We Keep Krishna With a Flute Idol at Home? 

According to legend, Krishna’s flute is a loving instrument that creates unity and harmony among us. According to Vastu, Lord Krishna favors the flute and maintains it in the house because it functions as good energy and promotes harmony. 

Vastu’s flaws are removed by maintaining the Krishna idol online with the flute in the house. The presence of Lord Krishna with his flute idol promotes the flow of money in the home. There will also be strong cooperation among family members in residence.

Can We Give a Krishna Idol as a Gift? 

Radha-Krishna is a love symbol. That is, two characters are thought to be identical, not distinct. From time immemorial to the present, the significance of the Radha-Krishna love narrative has been profound.

Perhaps this is why the Radha-Krishna idol is presented as a gift during events like marriage, annaprashan, mundan, Grah Pravesh, etc. 

If there are God idols in the house, VastuVigyan states that all regulations must be followed, from installing them to caring for them. You may provide a gift relating to a Radha-Krishna murti online to someone who would respect them.

Can We Keep the Radha Krishna Idol in the Bedroom? 

Since the start of time, Radha has been considered an incarnation of Goddess Shakti and Lord Krishna’s most loyal lover. Radha Krishna idol for home teaches us not just to love one another but also that love necessitates patience, sacrifice, and strength.

According to Vastu, Radha Krishna paintings or statues can be maintained in the living room and bedrooms.

The northeast direction of your room is the finest direction or location to hang the artwork or store the Idol. It is an excellent location for hanging artwork of any deity.

How Do You Take Care of Bal Gopal Idol? 

You should know how to care for Kanha Ji before bringing the Lord Krishna statue online for a home. The Lord is bathed in milk and holy water every day and cleaned with a fresh cloth. He should be clothed in fresh clothes and jewelery after washing. 

Lord Krishna is fed a range of sattvic food dishes that are carefully prepared based on his preferences. Devotees will sometimes serve the Lord with Chappan bhog. 

A lamp and incense sticks are burned in front of the Lord, which is said to be auspicious and transmit happiness throughout the dwelling. This ceremony is performed twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, in practically every Hindu home.

Can We Give Radha Krishna gift for marriage?

According to Vastu Shastra, it is only given to those who can fully care for it. Even if an idol is to be presented as a gift to someone who would care for it, it should not be given to a newlywed couple. Although Radha-Krishna is a symbol of love, the two were never wedded and could not live together. 

In Hinduism, there is much discussion about auspicious and inauspicious. Radha-Krishna’s love is eternal, yet they were together only for a brief period. As a result, the Radha-Krishna idol online should not be gifted to a married or loving pair.

How Can I get Krishna’s Blessing? 

You should say the Krishna mantra to get Lord Krishna’s blessings. It removes any doubts and concerns, boosting chanters’ confidence and courage. 

During Brahma Muhurat, the optimal time to repeat the Krishna mantra is between 4 and 6 a.m. First thing every morning, take a bath and sit in front of a picture of Lord Krishna or Krishna murti online. Repeat the mantra in multiples 108 times. Use a tulsi mala to keep track of the count.