Know why Krishna didn't marry Radha

Know Why Krishna Didn't Marry Radha

Everyone has probably heard that Radha and Krishna are incomplete without each other. Did Krishna marry Radha then? Everyone knows that no, the couple never married each other.

But have you ever wondered why they didn't marry, despite the fact that they both are incomplete without the other? Many people like to know the explanation behind their love.

Even though they never married, you'll see idols of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani together in temples and households. Many couples are inspired by the loving relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha.

This blog answers some of your questions: Why did Krishna marry Rukmini and not Radha? and Who was Radha married to?

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Why Lord Krishna Didn't Marry Radha?

Why Lord Krishna Didn't Marry Radha?

1. They Never Needed To Tie Themselves Into A Bond To Stay Together

This is one of the most popularly believed answers to "Why Lord Krishna didn't marry Radha?" They didn't have to marry to show their love (According to ISKCON).

People nowadays believe that marriage is important and that two people cannot be together unless they marry, and they want to impose their ideology on Gods.

Krishna doesn't care if someone or anything is his true mother/ wife/ home/ family; he just loves them. Whoever offers him their time and attention gets him, even if they aren't supposed to. Yashoda Maiya and even Radharani are examples.

Radha was never meant to be his wife; she was meant to be his lover forever since they share no other link but love. Marriage brings with it responsibilities and expectations.

This is wonderful in its own right, but Radha Krishna's tie goes much beyond this. They are not bound together like individuals in marriage; they stay together forever because they love each other.

Because love is something where people don't have to stay together but want to, Radha-Krishna never married: they didn't need to tie themselves in a knot to stay together.

2. Radha And Rukmini Were Similar

You might be astonished to see that! But this is true for many priests in many regions of India. Krishna is Lord Vishnu's eighth incarnation. Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu's wife, was also born in the same yuga as Rukmini.

Rukmini is a heavenly manifestation of Shakti who was born to King Bhishmaka of Vidharba. Kamsa permitted the witch Putna to murder Vasudeva and Devaki's eighth child.

During this time, the witch would kidnap children at random, and while doing so, she also distracted the baby daughter of monarch Bhismaka.

However, she was unaware that the small ruler was an Avatar of Goddess Lakshmi, and when she could not bear the Goddess's weight, she abandoned her in Barsana and left.

Vrishabhanu, a childless man, discovered the princess and reared her as his own. Following the public manifestation of Narayana's eighth Avatar, Krishna, King Bhismaka traveled to Vrindavan in search of Lakshmi. He encountered Radha, who carried lotus and conch shell marks on her palms.

Radha was transferred to Vidharbha, and her rightful name, Rukmini, was restored. She was educated like a regal woman and fell in love with Krishna, King of Dwarka. Krishna then married Rukmini. This is why Krishna did not marry Radha.

3. Radha Had To Marry Ayan To Keep The Devotee's Previous Birth Wish

According to many believers, this is the reason why Krishna never married Radha. There was once a Lord Vishnu devotee who prayed and pondered for years. Lord Vishnu was pleased with his Tapasya and guaranteed that he would marry Lakshmi in his future incarnation.

Goddess Lakshmi reincarnated four times as Rukhmini, Satyabhama, Jambavanti, and Radha in her following birth.

Radha was madly in love with Krishna. But they both understood why Lakshmi had embodied Radha. Thus she had to marry Ayan despite her feelings for Krishna. However, there is a catch.

Radha cannot reveal anything to anybody since she is Vishnu's, eternal love. As a result, Ayan was born transgender or impotent. Though Radha physically remained with Ayan, her heart was always with her love Krishna.

Her husband, Ayan, once noticed her heading to the bush and suspected her of having an extramarital affair since he is impotent. So one day, he decided to follow Radha.

Krishna was already aware of this and assumed the appearance of Kali (since Ayan was a kali devotee) to deliver Radha from the image of an unfaithful wife.

Even Ayan saw Radha worshiping Goddess Kali, but only Radha saw Krishna. In many regions of our country, this kind of Krishnakali is still adored. Krishna married the other three Lakshmi reincarnations.

4. Krishna Never Returned To Vrindavan After The Age Of 10 And Never Met Radha After That

Some others believe in this way. Krishna went to Yashoda one day and told her he wanted to marry Radha. Subsequently, Yashoda rejected him, claiming that she was five years older than him and had already engaged to another guy.

However, Krishna stuck to his words. Nand afterward took him to see his Guru Gargacharya and Sandipani.

Guru Gargacharya also attempted to convey that it was not his life's purpose. But Krishna declined, stating that he did not wish to be Dharma's defender or the earth's savior.

Then Gargacharya realized it was time for Krishna to learn about his life's destiny. He revealed the vision given to him by Devarishi Narada.

Krishna was committed to his friends, community, and family. After discovering the truth about himself, he was upset and quietly proceeded toward Govardhan mountain.

He stood there for a few hours, feeling the inward transformation. Krishna was a completely different soul when he came down the mountain.

He was experiencing an inner sanctuary of peace. Krishna realized that his time in Vrindavan was ending, and he needed to go. But, before leaving, he planned a Raas-Leela for everyone.

Radha was ecstatic at the moment and far ahead of the typical bounds of sentiments. She was so happy that she got unaffected by what was happening around her.

Krishna was aware of Radha's emotions at the moment. He pulled the flute from his hips and presented it to Radha. He said that he used to play his flute only for her.

Krishna never played the flute again throughout his life, and he never returned to Vrindavan. This can be one of the reasons why Krishna didn't marry Radha.

5. Radha Was An Imagination Of Medieval Writers

Many people believe Radha did not exist. She represents unconditional love, worship, devotion, and submission to the Supreme Being. Radha is said to be more devout than Rukmini and Satyabhama.

There is no reference to Radha in any ancient scripture. Neither in Shrimad Bhagavatam nor Mahabharat or Harivansham. All three were written around the same period and chronicled Shri Krishna's life and career.

Only when Acharya Nimbark and poet Jayadeva wrote about Radha does she appear in medieval scriptures. None of this, however, is founded on any historical or original scripture.

So, Krishna never wedded Radha for the simple reason that Radha did not exist.

Why Did Krishna Marry Rukmini And Not Radha?

Radha krishna

When Krishna and Radha were in eternal love, why did Krishan marry Rukmini and not Radha? Because Radha and Rukmini are the same, Krishna married Rukmini. But how?

When Rukmini was born in Vidharba, a demon named Putana arrived to destroy her. Putana assumed the form of a lovely lady who desired to be fed milk.

Putana attempted several times to feed her, but Rukmini refused. Then Putana snatched her and flew her over the sky. The people had lost track of Rukmini and assumed she had died.

On the other hand, Rukmini gained triple her weight and grew so hefty that Putana dropped her. Rukmini, the baby, tripped over a gorgeous lotus above a pond.

Vrishabhanu and Kirti wandered along the pond's edge when they noticed a lotus. As a blessing from God, they took the infant and called her "Radha."

After many years, Radha was identified as Rukmini and returned to Vidharba. Rukmini returned to Vidharba, but the people there were hostile to Krishna.

Rukmini had no desire to marry anybody other than Krishna. Her brother Rukmi, on the other hand, intended to marry Rukmini off to Maharaj Shisupal.

Krishna desired to marry Rukmini, so he abducted her and wedded her at Dwaraka (As mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam Chapter 54). Krishna overpowered Rukmi and expelled him.

Who Was Radha Married To?

Now another curiosity may arise regarding Radha's husband's name? Radha was married to Ayana, who used to work in the army of King Kansa.

There was once a Lord Vishnu devotee who prayed and pondered for years. Lord Vishnu was pleased with his Tapasya and requested his wish. The devotee then added, "I want Lakshmi as my wife."

According to the standard, once God is delighted by a devotee, He has to give him what the devotee desires. So Lord Vishnu promised him that he would marry Lakshmi in his future birth.

Goddess Lakshmi reincarnated four times as Rukhmini, Satyabhama, Jambavanti, and Radha in his following birth. Radha and Krishna have been soulmates since they were children. She was head over heels in love with Krishna.

But, in the end, they both understood why Lakshmi became Radha. So, despite her feelings for Krishna, she must marry Ayan to fulfill the wish.

However, surprisingly Ayan was born transsexual or impotent. Even though they were married, they could never have children.

Even after marriage, Radha's love for Krishna did not fade, and they both adored each other. Though Radha physically remained with Ayan, her heart was always with her love Krishna.

Closing Thoughts

There are many reasons that believers believe out of love and tradition. Some have some logical explanations; others do not even have any proof.

The mentioned ones are some of the reasons that are highly believed why Krishna not married Radha or whom did Radha marry. However, do not use reasoning to evaluate Radha Krishna.

If you truly want to comprehend them, realize there is no logic when Krishna is there. Because Krishna created everything, everything serves Krishna.

We have extremely limited understanding and almost no confidence in Radha Krishna to comprehend great issues such as their absolute love.

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