What happened to krishna's body after death

What Happened to Krishna's Body After His Death?

The world was motionless that day. That was in the mid-evening, and the forest's branches were reflecting the brilliant, blazing light. The hour was peaceful, and the weather was transparent.

Mother Nature went strangely calm and still. The birds didn't chirp at all. The butterflies were acting strangely.

A great period was about to transition, as witnessed by the cosmic motion of the planetary bodies. There has been no wind to speak of.

Deity Krishna when the Dwapara Yuga ended, the Ultimate character of Godhead departed from his physical form some five thousand years ago.

Let's read how Shri Krishna died and what happened to Krishna's dead body.

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How Did Shri Krishna Die?

How did Lord Krishna die

One of the greatest renowned and well-liked of all Indian deities, Lord Krishna is regarded both as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and as a superior being from his own position.

Krishna was killed by an arrow that a poacher mistaken for a deer and shot him in the foot (The Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto 11 Chapter 30 has a description of the events surrounding Lord Krishna's death). That would have been the consequence of his past life as Rama's reincarnation.

Krishna suffered as a result of the accumulation of numerous curses. Durvasa was furious and vowed that Krishna should die at his feet.

The setting was a woodland beside the Hiran River in Prabhas Patan Theertham. He sat quietly for meditation while presenting the left foot since he had chosen that it had been a moment for the Karmic to be paid off to start working.

He was aware of what would transpire. Because he was Kanahiya or Shri Vasudeva, the brilliant one who had nothing to seek and who gave gloriously, he was known as the giver.

But the hunter put a shot into his foot, thinking that this was a deer. Gopal suffered a wound to his left ankle.

The shooter Jara was astonished to discover Krishna, clad in yellow clothes, lying where he believed his kill had been. He was overcome with regret and despair as he realized his serious mistake.

In shock, he knelt at Krishna's knees and begged for compassion. The dead Krishna said in his last words that this was not negligence because it was supposed to come.

Krishna said to the hunter man in a kind manner. Because these are fate's methods, don't be afraid or regretful. The magnificent man left the world with his final words.

Krishna understood that karma is a global rule. It affects everyone, including deities and humans. As if by miracles, Krishna's voice spoke to Jara from within saying, "You must not regret. I, as Rama destroyed you in Tretayuga. You were King Bali in your earlier birth".

"I'm about to exit this body, so I was looking forward for a chance to finish my existence. In order to pay off our karmic burden, I have been expecting you".

Dwapar Yuga came to an end with his demise (Era). His demise occurred on the initial day of the Kali Yug, which has a significant place in world chronology.

Arjuna, Daruka, and the monks, who had arrived to perform the last rites for the dead Yadus, had been waiting for Krishna's corpse to be found when the shooter Jara came up to people and led people to the spot.

While Arjuna was holding Krishna's corpse in his hands, he grieved hysterically. Arjuna burned and cremated Sri Krishna's dead body in the dense bush.

What Happened After Krishna Died?

Arjuna told the citizens of Dwaraka 7 nights to abandon the kingdom. He was aware that the sea would eventually engulf the Yadava palace. He announced to the populace that the Vajra, Krishna's young warrior and future ruler, would rule over them.

Arjuna then traveled to Prabhasa to conduct the funeral ceremonies for those who had passed away, including Shri Krishna, Shri Balarama, and the others.

Arjuna began his return to Hastinapura 7 nights after his return. He traveled with a sizable group of ladies, youngsters, and all the money he could manage.

The town of Dwaraka vanished underneath the advancing ocean currents just behind him (As written in Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 11 Chapter 31).

Arjuna's group was robbed while traveling home. The bandits also took several women with them, jewelery, and other goods.

Arjuna discovered that he lacked the ability to repel the thieves and was unable to use any of his heavenly arms. All of the Yadava survivors were brought to Kurukshetra by Arjuna. Vajra was then crowned ruler of Indraprastha by him.

Rukmini, Krishna's spouse, committed suicide by jumping into a flame. Satyabhama, his other spouse, traveled to the Mountains to perform devotion.

After Kurukshetra, Arjuna traveled to Vyasa's monastery. There, the wise man comforted Arjuna by stating, "You don't have to be saddened.

As you fulfilled all expectations, all of your strength was gone, which allowed the thieves to succeed. The fates of the Yadavas and Kshatriyas were decided.


In a nutshell, this is the story behind Krishna's death and his dead body.

There are a lot more stories about how Shri Krishna died or what happened to his dead body because people used to conclude the results on their own basis.

After his death, people were saddened because every person liked him. It is a matter of pride for every hindu to be a devotee of Lord krishna.

It is due to this fact that you’ll often find Lord Krishna idols in most if not all hindu households.

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