What happened to radha after krishna left vrindavan

What Happened to Radha After Krishna Left Vrindavan?

The most captivating tale in the Hindu religion was about Radha and Krishna's eternal love, representing the strong tie between the holy duo.

Several of the best alluring stories for believers is that of Krishna and Radha because it represents the closest possible relationship between both the God and the human kind.

Shri Krishna and Radha together represent the ultimate and greatest expression of affection which is why people worship them and you'll see many households placing Radha Krishna Idols at home.

But once Lord left for Mathura, what happened to Radha? The holy couple reconnected, right? Would their split be the last of their enduring devotion and connection or the start of something new?

These are some of the questions that people always ask. So this time, let's discuss some of the incidents that happened at that time.

Why Did Krishna Leave Radha?

The sweet music of Krishna's flute captured the minds of countless gopis. If anyone had been really enthralled by his music, it was Radharani.

Radharani and the brajwasis were heartbroken to witness Shri Krishna departing when he went to Mathura to destroy Ruler Kamsa.

As a result, Vrindavan was enveloped in a gloomy veil of sadness and anguish following the happenings of Radharani and Krishna's detachment.

Devakinandan devoted his final minutes with Radharani in complete harmony and calmness before departing for Mathura since silence frequently conveys emotions between couples more effectively than language does.

Even though Krishna was not actually there with Radha, the two beings and one mind that made up Shyamsundar were inseparable. There was a certain commitment to and affection for one another.

Despite their separation, the holy couple was never truly separated since Devakinandan resided in Radha's soul and Radharani in the King's.

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What Happened To Radha When Krishna Left?

Ultimately, Radha declared that even after Krishna had left her, nobody could separate her from him because he had grown to be her own heart.

Radha was totally dedicated to her journey in mind since Krishna had informed her that the goal of her heavenly birth was to show the effectiveness of genuine love.

After gently persuading the Gopis and Gopikas, Kanhaiya quietly departed the area and went for Mathura with Akrura and Balrama.

Time went by, Krishna completed his heavenly purpose, destroyed Kamsa, Sisupala, and many other monsters, and created a magnificent palace in Mathura that was relocated nighttime to Dwarka around the open sea to protect the prisoners from evil spirits.

Meanwhile, in Vrindavan, Radha's journey took a completely new direction. She constantly thought about Krishna while leading a life of introspection.

Other things had no role in her world. She was compelled to engage a man and take care of her kids by her parents.

Did Radha And Krishna Meet After 100 years?

Did Radha And Krishna Meet After 100 years?

Radharani lived her life with Devakinandan's recollections when Krishna overthrew Kamsa and Shishupala to become the ruler of Mathura.

Nevertheless, as she married Ayan, it felt as though this is the end of Radha Krishna story, but Radha's life had a pivotal point because of it.

Several years later, Radharani, who was still incredibly lovely and frail, made the long trek to Dwarka merely to visit Sri Krishna once. She had already completed her home duties by that point.

Radharani glimpsed Devakinandan as she entered Krishna's residence and was astounded by the King's divine appearance. After the approval, Radharani entered Krishna's care in the castle as a caretaker, solely to see Krishna daily.

After seeing this all, many people ask why Krishna left Radha or why did Krishna leave Radha? Because he had to complete his motive.

However, she quickly realized that although being personally present next to Shyamsundar, her sorrow was intensified by her distance from Devakinandan. Radharani decided to sneak out of the castle as a result.

She continued to wander the streets without understanding where she would be going or what was around her.

Did Krishna Break His Flute After Playing It Last Time For Radha?

Here is Radha Krishna's last meeting. Krishna followed Radharani as she walked out of the castle. Being the absolute Deity, He was aware of Radha's whereabouts and arrived just like she wanted him.

Radharani was awakened by the Lord's divine presence when Shree Krishna stood near her. Krishna Priya was delighted and mesmerized by Shyamsundar's gorgeous appearance.

When Krishna saw that Devakinandan and Radha were approaching their final thoughts, he intended to give Radha things.

Radha first resisted receiving something from the Deity, but later she consented to hear Shyamsundar perform the flute. Radha eventually blended with the Lord as she listened to Krishna play the holy song.

Radha loved Krishna's flute so much that he committed it to Radharani and pledged not to perform it over again.

Krishna’s love for his flute is often symbolized in miniature krishna hands with flute where the flute depicts Krishna’s own divine presence.

However, his love for Radha far exceeded his love for playing flute. He then smashed the flute and flung it away permanently in the shrubs after playing the song he had specially written to represent Radha in her last story, then he vanished and went to the castle.

Despite this, some believe that Krishna's flute still lies hidden somewhere in the Nidhivan, waiting to be rediscovered. Locals often search through the shrubs and foliage, holding onto the hope that they may one day uncover this legendary instrument.

What Happened To Radha After Krishna Died?

Radha left her body after Krishna passed away while still enjoying the music Krishna had been playing. In spite of all these legends from the past, they lived on. They are immortal. They possess an immortal spiritual form that is rich with wisdom and joy.

The Padma Puran and Srimad Bhagavatam both declare that after engaging in their pleasures, they actually returned to the spiritual realm.

Most significantly, we will never truly reap the benefits of comprehending the true motivation behind their interests. Hence, their love was pure and honest for each other.


Radha and Krishna's devotion is more than just a typical boy and girl's relationship. Radharani was a devoted follower of Krishna.

The interesting part about the Radha and Krishna story is that Radha is compared to Krishna as the other part of his heart, which was separated two long ago and is now merging back together.

Although he left her apart and moved on to win the globe, their devotion was inescapable. Because he only wanted Radha, and Radha also wanted him. Thus, their story will remain forever.

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