navratri decoration at office

Navratri Decoration Ideas For Office

Navratri is a Hindu celebration devoted to the Hindu goddess Durga. It commemorates Devi Durga's conquest over Mahishasura, for which she has been claimed to have battled throughout nine days and nine nights.

Vijayadashmi or Dusshera is believed to be celebrated on the 10th day because of her conquest.

Another reason for celebrating Vijayadashami is because it commemorates Rama's victory over Ravan. Diwali celebration occurs 20 days following Navratri.

Throughout the nine nights of Navratri, Gujarat and Mumbai are notably famed for their lavish Garba performances. Garba is a round dance style representing Hinduism's continuous faith in time.

And hence, Navratri is considered India's biggest festival, observed with tremendous zeal throughout the country.

Preparations are essential for nine evenings and ten mornings of Navratri. That is the specific hour of Goddess Durga's biggest Indian celebration, which is celebrated in her remembrance.

Navratri is observed in a variety of forms throughout India. Praying, religious texts chanting, history recitation, story enactment, street dramas, stage centerpieces, idol immersion, and campfire are all part of the festivities.

Neighbours and relatives members also pay visits to one another's houses and places of business during navratri, then we often show gratitude towards our family and friends by giving them navratri return gifts when they visit us during navratri festival.

As a result, individuals devote much time, emotion, and energy to Navratri décor.

Below are a few unique Navratri decorations ideas for office and home to enhance your home to stand out and help you get in the spirit for the special events.

Simple Navratri Decoration at Home And Office

1. Decorate Home and Office with Flowers

Indians understand that events are incomplete without flowers. Flowers create an optimistic, refreshing, and religious aura when they arrive.

The first-ever step would have been to collect the most vibrantly coloured flowers across the area. Because if you keep natural flowers, then it will be perfect, and your celebration area might have similar flowers at each festival.

Still, you embellished it with various coloured flowers, making it much more intriguing.

Paper flowers are still a terrific environmentally friendly option for simple Navratri decoration at home because they help to generate unique forms.

2. Colour Your Home Interior

Ensure your home is decorated for the Navratri celebration. Indians are known for their fondness for colour, so why not include it in your home decor?

You can use regional and real Indian colours like natural blue, shades of red, warm colours, and orange to decorate your house.

When your money permits, one could also get an interior renovation. Replacing the interiors and decorative objects is the most cost-effective and straightforward solution.

The festive season's vibe is always unique; hence, you can do these things easily.

3. Use Diyas and Candles

Diyas are usually always present at Indian celebrations. To brighten up the prayer and your function, install the ornamental Diyas in the home and the prayer hall.

The diyas and intriguing tea lights cast a beautiful light on the god, giving your place an impressive glance.

Festival touches can be added with burlap lanterns, mason jars, and an ornate lamp chain of headlamps. Lines of LED and fairy bulbs are often used to illuminate the area near the idol.

They do not simply seem lovely but brighten up the shrine Diyas and candles are few things that must be kept in pooja room during navratri. This can be used as office decoration ideas for Navratri.

Kindle the Divine Flame with Handcrafted Diya's -

4. Use Potpourri

You can also decorate your home with Potpourri, which can be placed in a crystal tray, ornamental vase, or container. Potpourri is a dish full of preserved petals and herbs used to perfume a place.

It calms guests' eyes and gives out a lovely earthy smell, perfect for the start of such clean Pooja weeks.

5. Place Maa Durga And Maa Lakshmi Idol

It is always good and beneficial to place idol in the home. Idols give positive energy and remove the negative energy from your house. There is some significance to keeping Devi Durga and Devi Lakshmi.

To remove all sin and bestow blessing, the Devi is divided as a supernatural power recognised as Durga, sometimes named Kali.

And for Prosperity, the Mother is worshipped as a source of riches, Lakshmi, which is said to possess the ability to shower infinite wealth on her worshippers.

6. Use Toran

Placing a 'Toran' inside the prayer room and even at the front doorway is considered lucky during the Navratri holiday.

In the marketplace, you can see the variety of torans with embroidered and glass work that are historically ornamented because the marketplace is flooded with low-cost plastic garbage.

One could also get crystal embroidered torans, a trendy style of hanging currently, as an alternative. You can also make torans constructed of mango/coconut leaves that might be hung.

7. Place Ornamental Idols

All through Navratri, Golu is prepared in South India. It is believed that Devi Durga prays continuously for 9 nights just before destroying Mahishasura.

Those nine days are shown as a series of nine wooden board steps. On such steps are statues of numerous Gods and Goddesses, including a mata rani murti which is placed in office during navrathri.

And the wonderful thing is that this can be put as a Navratri office decoration. The importance of Navratri Golu displays scenarios from historic Indian myths such as the Ramayana, Puranas, and Dashavataram, which are being carried down from century to century.

It's all that period of the day when you reflect on the valuable lessons you've learned through old tales. The stairs can also be viewed as a metaphor for the evolutionary stairway we all travel throughout our lives.

Invoke the Divine Mother's Noble Protection -

8. Use Decorative Figures

Now, if you want to do creative Navratri decoration at home and if you're a true tradition connoisseur, then the small retailers sell a variety of antiques and figurines depicting numerous Gods in several settings.

If you combine these ornaments with attractive dolls, Pooja Decorations will steal the spotlight.

9. Use Hanging And Decorative Bells

Classical room dividers are best for decorating the home or pooja house, and chimes can always be purchased to beautify your house or separate spaces.

Such small elephant hangings, for example, can be used as room separators or hung around the pooja hall.


Thus, we can say that Navratri is the greatest festival among Indians, and people are always ready to enjoy this festival. From the lists mentioned above, we conclude that people in India have a different vibe during the festive season.

They decorate their home and office and invite friends and relatives. You will be amazed by their beauty if you see house and Navratri decorations at the office. That is the reason India is called a festival country.

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