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Svastika Lord Sai Baba Idol for Car Dashboard

Svastika Lord Sai Baba Idol for Car Dashboard

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Sai baba sitting murti for home
Sitting Sai Baba Idol | 24K Gold Plated Marble Dust Murti

Sitting Sai Baba Idol | 24K Gold Plated Marble Dust Murti

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Svastika Lord Sai Baba Idol for Car Dashboard

Svastika Lord Sai Baba Idol for Car Dashboard

Regular price ₹ 699.00
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Sai baba sitting murti for home
Sitting Sai Baba Idol | 24K Gold Plated Marble Dust Murti

Sitting Sai Baba Idol | 24K Gold Plated Marble Dust Murti

Regular price ₹ 7,499.00
Sale price ₹ 7,499.00 Regular price ₹ 11,999.00
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Buy Sai Baba Statue Online, Sai Baba Idol For Home 

Sai Baba is a compulsory presence in every Hindu household. With his saffron clothes and warm smile, Sai Baba radiates peace and blessings, which has every one of us keeping his idol in our homes to worship.

If you're looking to buy a Sai Baba idol online for your home, there are several options available that can help you create a serene and spiritual atmosphere. Sai Baba is revered as a great saint and a spiritual teacher. He holds a significant place in the hearts of many devotees.

When selecting a Sai Baba Murti, we need to consider the craftsmanship, material, and size that best suits your needs and place. The Sai Baba idols are often made of materials like marble, brass, or resin, each with its own unique appeal.

The Sai Baba statue is usually crafted where it shows him being seated or in a standing posture. This radiates his calmness and compassionate nature. 

Having a Sai Baba Murti in your home is believed to be a source of inspiration and a reminder of his teachings of love, compassion, and selflessness. It creates a sacred space that serves as a point for meditation, prayer, and reflection.

What Is The Story Of Shirdi Sai Baba Idol?

Sai Baba's first trip to the village of Shirdi in Maharashtra is believed to have been when he was 16 years old. When people looked at him, they were surprised to see a young boy sitting under a Neem tree, engrossed in serious meditation for several days without food or water.

Bayajabai, the wife of the village head, would sometimes ask how Sai Baba was doing when he was a child. Over time, she began to bring food to Baba. As time went on, Sai Baba started considering her in the place of a mother. When Lord Khandoba took over the village as the chief and priest, Mhalspati, he said that there is a holy spirit here that points to Sai Baba.

One day, Baba pointed to a neem tree and instructed the townspeople to dig around its roots. Curiosity was piqued, and the residents obediently began digging. To their astonishment, as they delved deeper, they discovered a stone slab, oil lamps that burned without any oil, and even air. It defied the laws of nature.

In that very spot, they also stumbled upon a jar resting on a wooden table, resembling a cow's mouth. Sai Baba revealed that this was where his teacher had practiced penance. He emphasized the importance of respecting the tree instead of him and urged them to leave it untouched. And so, to this day, the neem tree remains unharmed, a symbol of reverence.

Sai Baba's life was fascinating and filled with twists and turns. Some individuals, misunderstanding him, would hurt him by throwing stones, believing him to be mad. Initially, Sai Baba resided in Shirdi for around three years.

Afterward, he departed for a year, during which not much was known about his whereabouts. Historical accounts indicate that he encountered various saints and fakirs during this time and even worked as a spinner, engaging in ordinary tasks to sustain himself.

In 1858, Sai Baba returned to Shirdi and chose to live beneath a neem tree for five years. He would often spend time in the nearby woods, deep in meditation, which made it challenging for people to approach and talk to him. As time passed, Sai Baba moved from his tree home to a mosque situated close by. People from both Hindu and Muslim communities flocked to see him.

In the mosque, Sai Baba maintained a holy fire known as dhuni, which burned constantly. He would generously offer sacred ash to everyone who visited him. Cooking was one of Sai Baba's great joys, and he would prepare food that was lovingly shared with his followers as "Prasad" when they came to seek his presence.

Singing devotional songs and dancing were activities that brought him immense happiness. Many individuals considered Sai Baba to be a saint or even a divine figure. As days turned into years, the number of people coming to Shirdi gradually increased, drawn by the magnetic charm of Sai Baba.

Symbolism And Significance Of Sai Baba Statue

The Sai Baba Statue holds a deep symbolism and significance for his followers. It is believed to serve as a tangible representation of Sai Baba's divine presence and teachings. 

The Sai Baba Statue is usually depicted in Sai Baba’s customary attire, exuding a serene and compassionate aura. It is a reminder of his teachings of love, kindness, and selflessness, inspiring us to seek and follow these qualities in our own lives.

Having a Sai Baba Murti in the home or a place of worship creates a sacred space, inviting a sense of peace and spiritual connection. It serves as a focal point for prayers, meditation, and devotion.

The Sai Baba Murti also acts as a source of inspiration and comfort during challenging times. Many devotees believe that Sai Baba's presence in the form of an idol provides guidance, protection, and blessings.

Moreover, the Sai Baba idol represents unity and inclusivity. It bridges the gap between Hindu and Muslim devotees, promoting harmony and understanding.

In essence, the Sai Baba Statue symbolizes the embodiment of divine love and spirituality, offering solace, inspiration, and a tangible connection to Sai Baba's teachings for his followers.

Benefits Of Sai Baba Idol For Home And Car Dashboard 

Having a Sai Baba idol in your home or on your car dashboard brings numerous benefits. The presence of the idol creates a sacred and peaceful atmosphere, promoting a sense of calmness and serenity in your surroundings.

The Sai Baba idol serves as a spiritual reminder, inspiring you to cultivate qualities of love, compassion, and selflessness in your daily life. It can help deepen your devotion and strengthen your connection with Sai Baba, providing a source of guidance and comfort.

Having the Sai Baba idol on the car dashboard can offer a sense of protection and blessings during your travels, creating a positive energy that surrounds you and your vehicle.

Overall, the Sai Baba Statue acts as a spiritual anchor, fostering a deeper connection to Sai Baba's teachings and spreading positive vibes wherever it is placed.

Types Of Sai Baba Murti

Sai Baba idols come in various types, each with its unique charm and material. One popular option is the brass idol, known for its durability and traditional appeal. Brass idols of Sai Baba are intricately crafted, showcasing fine details and an antique finish that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Another sought-after choice is the Silver Sai Baba Idols. Silver idols are preferred for their purity and shine, symbolizing devotion. They are often adorned with delicate engravings, enhancing their beauty and radiance.

Sai Baba Marble Idols are also quite popular. These Sai Baba Statues exude a sense of serenity and grace, with their smooth texture and exquisite craftsmanship. Marble idols are known for their durability and ability to retain their pristine appearance over time.

Each material brings its own unique aesthetic and appeal, allowing individuals to choose an idol that resonates with their tastes and preferences.

How To Worship A Sai Baba Idol At Home?

Offer flowers and garlands - One of the staple ways to worship the Sai Bala idol is to adorn it with fresh flowers, garlands, or even rose petals. This signifies your love, respect, and devotion towards Sai Baba.

Light incense and lamps - Lighting fragrant incense sticks and lamps near the idol creates a serene and sacred atmosphere.

Offer Prasad - Prepare a simple offering of fruits, sweets, or any food that you feel Sai Baba would appreciate. Place it before the idol as a symbol of your gratitude and surrender.

Chant prayers and sing devotional songs - Recite Sai Baba's prayers or sing devotional songs that resonate with your heart. This helps to create a spiritual connection and express your devotion.

Frequently Asked Questions- 

1. Can we keep a Sai Baba Murti at home?  

Yes, you can definitely keep a Sai Baba statue at home. Many people choose to have a Sai Baba Statue in their homes to show how much they love and respect him. Having a Sai Baba Murti in your home can make it a holy spot and give you a place to pray, meditate, and do other spiritual things.

2. How to clean the Sai Baba Murti?

To clean a Sai Baba idol or murti, use a soft cloth or sponge dampened with water or a mild cleanser. Gently wipe the idol's surface, taking care not to apply excessive force. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the idol's finish.

3. Can we keep Sai Baba Statue in the pooja room?

Yes, it is common to keep a Sai Baba Statue in the pooja room. Many devotees choose to have a dedicated space for their Sai Baba Statue in their pooja room to offer prayers and perform rituals. We suggest that you ensure the idol is placed in a clean spot within the pooja room.

4. How to keep Sai Baba Idol at home?

To keep a Sai Baba idol at home, find a clean and peaceful spot, such as an altar or a dedicated area, where you can place the idol. Create a serene atmosphere by adding flowers, and incense, and lighting a lamp. Offer prayers and engage in devotional practices to establish a spiritual connection.

5. How many Sai Baba idols can be kept at home?

There is no specific limit on the number of Sai Baba idols you can keep at home. It is a personal choice based on your devotion and available space. However, it's important to ensure that each sai baba idol is treated with respect and receives proper care and attention.

6. How to decorate the Sai Baba statue?

To decorate a Sai Baba statue, you can adorn it with fresh flowers, garlands, or clothing. Offerings like colorful cloth, jewelry, or accessories can be placed on or around the statue. You may also choose to decorate the surrounding area with candles, incense holders, or other decorative items to create an aesthetically pleasing display.


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