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Radha & Krishna Gold Car Dashboard Idol
Radha & Krishna Gold Car Dashboard Idol
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Radha Krishna Statue Dancing On a Rose | 24 Karat Gold Plated

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Radha krishna murti with cow
Radha krishna murti with cow
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Radha Krishna Statue with Cow | 24 Karat Gold Plated (14.5 Inch)

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radha krishna murti jhula
radha krishna murti jhula

Radha Krishna Jhula Murti | 24K Gold Plated with Wooden Base

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Svastika Brij Ras Radha Krishna Standing Brass Idol | 5 Inch

Svastika Brij Ras Radha Krishna Standing Brass Idol | 5 Inch

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The love story of Radha and Krishna is legendary. A love that is innocent, pure, and eternal, no one grew up without wishing for a love as strong and beautiful as theirs. Forever etched onto our hearts Lord Krishna and Shree Radha are the deities that symbolize the power of love.

This divine murti of Radha Krishna collection is crafted with an abundance of love at Svastika. We make our collections from quality materials, with each signifying a special symbolic connection to the divine.

Placing the murti is believed to bring love, bond, and prosperity into the household.

What is the Story of Radha Krishna Idol?

Immortalized forever in the lines of our history is the story of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. The epitome of childhood sweethearts, the word Radha is forever followed by the utterance of Lord Krishna.

An eternal love that lasts beyond the echoes of history, the Leelas between Radha and Krishna have been captured and passed down for generations in the form of stories, dramas, deities, and murtis. 

These idols are placed to depict the various Leelas between Radha Krishna. Their innocent passion and love have stood the test of time and have been a source of inspiration and reassurance to many.

The idols at Svastika capture the Madhura Bhakti and Maha Bhava between the duo through poetic poses. These iconic idols make a wonderful addition to any of your spaces, lighting them up with divine love. 

The Symbolism of Radha Krishna Divine Love

Hindu mythology consists of a paramount amount of symbolisms. We attach meanings to our every gesture, word, colour, day, and time. And the divine love between Lord Krishna and Radha is no stranger to this.

Spiritual Union :

Firstly the spiritual union between the dark-skinned avatar of Lord Vishnu Krishna and his childhood love Radha is believed to represent the union of the individual soul called the Jivatma of people with the Supreme Soul, who is the Paramatma. This devotion that Radha has towards Lord Krishna is taken as the divine love between the mortal and God.

Flute :

Every idol of Lord Krishna would look incomplete with a few of his well-known adornments. The flute that Lord Krishna wields skillfully, making the whole of Vrindavan fall under the trance of his sweet melodious call is considered to represent the holy call of the divine that has us mortals mesmerized. 

Peacock Feathers :

The peacock feather, forever perched on the knot of his hair represents the unique spirituality and the enchanting dance between Radha-Krishna. You can find the best radha krishna with flute idol, with us, at Svastika.

Cows and Calves :

The cows and calves that Lord Krishna lovingly takes care of are considered as the unconditional loving devotion towards Lord Krishna in Gokul.

There are several beautiful radha krishna murti for home temples which also serve as the perfect Radha Krishna gift items for other occasions as well. 

Buy Radha Krishna Murti Online, Radha Krishna Idol for Home Temples

At Svastika, we believe that the  Radha Krishna idols epitomize the eternal love between the divine couple Radha and Krishna. With carefully crafted Radha Krishna sculptures, made with quality materials, and utter devotion, bring home these beautifully crafted murtis to feel the presence of this spiritual duo and feel their blessings and love to fill your space. 

Types of Radha Krishna Statue

The type of material you choose to display your idols in can hold a significant amount of meaning behind it. At Svastika, we cater to a wide range of Radha Krishna murti idols for your every need.

Brass Idols : 

Brass idols are the epitome of elegance and are found in the heart of every Pooja room.  Brass Radha Krishna murti can withstand time and elements, reflecting the enduring nature of cultural practices and the love they have for each other.

Marble Idols : 

Marble idols are graceful and often come with delicate, intricate, and eye-catching details. Perfect for displaying, marble also provides aesthetic beauty and evokes a sense of spiritual purity. 

Polyresin Idols : 

An affordable, detailed, and vivid material for displaying the love of Radha Krishna with a murti are idols cast from high-grade polymer resins. Polyresin idols cater to a modern aesthetic while retaining traditional themes.

Can  We Gift Radha Krishna Idols? 

Yes, absolutely. The Radha Krishna idols are perfect for gifting during the festive season or on auspicious occasions. A wonderful spiritual gift, they symbolize eternal love and devotion. An ideal gift for marriages, the Radha Krishna Statue for weddings is a hugely popular gifting choice that blesses loving relationships. 

The idols are not just material objects, they are considered sacred representations. Gifting Radha Krishna idols is believed to bring spiritual blessings and positive energy into the homes of our loved ones.

Radha Krishna idols are commonly exchanged during festivals, weddings, and auspicious occasions. 

Tips for Placing Radha Krishna Murti at Home

The Krishna Radha murti vastu is important to consider while bringing in the idol to your house.

Entrance or East Placement :

Position the idol at the entrance or in the east direction to attract prosperity and positive energy. This is a common Vastu practice followed in line with the rising sun.

Avoid Bathrooms :

Ensure the sacredness of the space by keeping the idol away from bathrooms to maintain purity. Again, a practice followed religiously, this is applicable to all divine murtis in your house.

Natural Backdrop :

It is always a wonderful idea to place the idol against a backdrop of nature. This is believed to have a harmonious connection between the divine to blossom and grow.  

Benefits of Radha Krishna Idol at Home?

Having a Radha Krishna idol at home is inviting a stream of divine blessings. The pure Hindu embodiments of love and harmony, the Radha Krishna murtis are a sight to behold. One of the best-selling products at Svastika, their presence is said to foster positive energy, reminding us to infuse our daily lives with spiritual values. 

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the idols contribute to mental peace, easing the burdens of daily stress. Worshipping them regularly is believed to dispel obstacles and usher in good fortune. 

In essence, having Radha Krishna in your home is like having a serene reminder to fill your space with love, compassion, and the essence of spiritual well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What direction should the murti face at home as per Vastu?

The ideal direction is east or northeast. As mentioned, this ensures that the divine presence radiates positive energy throughout your home.

Can we keep Radha Krishna idols in the bedroom?

While it's not discouraged, placing them in the pooja room or sacred space is more spiritually aligned.

Can we keep Radha Krishna Idol in the Pooja Room?

Absolutely! The pooja room is an auspicious place to install Radha Krishna idols for regular worship and blessings.

Is it good to keep Radha Krishna Idol with the flute at home?

Yes, a Radha Krishna idol with a flute symbolizes divine melody, bringing in joy and positivity into your living space.

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