Svastika Vastu Trunk Up Elephant Pair (Set of 2)

From: 1,799.00


Pure 24 Karat Gold & 999 Silver Plated


Svastika Vastu Trunk Up Elephant Pair (Set of 2) From: 1,999.00 1,799.00
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Many devas are connected with a horse or vehicle known as a vhana in Hindu iconography. The elephant vhana is associated with wisdom, heavenly knowledge, and regal might. It is also Resembles with lord of removing obstacle The Ganesha. It is believed so before giving birth to the Buddha, his mother dreamed of an elephant.

Having Elephnat idols in the house will offer you Strength, Protection, Wisdom, and Good Luck. It will also bring you Prosperity and Royalty.

Place Elephants by the entrance door to enhance good luck, protection, and strength for the home.
Keep a pair of elephants in the children’s room to strengthen the link between family members. It also brings knowledge and academic accomplishment.

According to Vastu Shastra, this gorgeous showpiece may accomplish wonders. This elephant idols are for Good luck, Home decor or for gifting.


(Length * Width * Height): 6 * 5 * 6 cm


Made up of Authentic 999 Silver & Gold Plating with base material of Poly resin

Package Contains

1 set of Gold and Silver Coated Elephant idols