Tirumala Temple Secrets

10 Tirumala Temple Secrets You Should Know Before Visiting it

Some places are built with millions of prayers buried underneath the ground, and one such religious place in the whole of India is the Tirumala Tirupati, one of the must visit places in Tirumala.

Tirupati, a holy site in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is best renowned for it's meditative atmosphere. The legend that Lord Venkateswara Swamy is the "God of Kaliyuga" has been around for a very long time.

One of the most beautiful and powerful temples in our country is located in the South of India. With the worshipping deity being the all-powerful Lord Vishnu, the Tirupati temple is also one of the oldest and richest temples in the country.

And as is tradition, this beautiful temple hides quite a little bit under it's foundation!

The Secrets of Tirumala Balaji Idol

1. Why are Lord Venkateswara’s Eyes Closed?

Why Lord Venkateswara Eyes are Closed

The Tirupati Tirumala temple is said to be Lord Venkateshwara's home in the current day, Kalyug.

Lord Venkateshwara is renowned for having enormous eyes and a powerful gaze. It is impossible for devotees to look straight into the Lord's eyes since they emit cosmic energy.

Lord Venkareshwara's eyes are covered in a white mask because of this. However, because the deity's eyes are quite small, the mask is adjusted every Thursday so that worshippers may see them.

2. The Balaji Idol is Not Located in the Center

Although it may appear that the idol of Lord Tirupati Balaji is in the center of the sanctum sanctorum, such is not the case.

The god is actually situated in the sanctum's right-hand corner, despite the fact that it appears to be aligned in the middle.

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3. Mystery of Donated Flowers to the Idol

Lord Venkateswara Statue Secrets

Flowers, clarified butter, milk, buttermilk, sacred leaves, and other items are collected from an unnamed village some 22 kilometers from Tirupati for ritual devotion of the deities housed in the Tirupati Balaji Temple.

Only the inhabitants of the small community have ever seen or visited it. The used flowers are dumped behind the statue, where it is said that a nearby waterfall will sweep them away.

4. Mystery of Real Hair of Balaji

Lord Balaji has wonderful real hair that is tangle-free, silky and smooth. Lord Balaji unexpectedly lost his hair during his reign on Earth, which is why their hair is immaculate.

The Gandharva princess Neela Devi immediately took notice of what had transpired and cut off a portion of her gorgeous mane. She gave the deity her shorn hair in a polite gesture and asked him to put it on his head.

The considerate present was accepted by the god, who was pleased with her devotion and declared that everyone who visited his shrine and offered their hair at the god's feet would be blessed.

Since then, it has become common practice for followers to shave their heads at temples before or after achieving their wishes.

5. Mystery of Secret Village

The source of the flowers, milk and other goods that are specifically used for the ritualistic worship of the god at the Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy temple is one of the temple's most intriguing facts.

According to a popular urban legend, all of these originate in a community located around 20 kilometers away. Only people who live there are aware of the village's name and location, which are still unknown.

6. Mystery of Lit Lamp near the Balaji Idol

Parallel to the light of a devoted devotee's heart for the Divine, the clay lights placed in front of the deity in the sanctum sanctorum of the Tirupati Balaji Temple are eternal.

There are no reliable records mentioning the time these lamps were lit or the person(s) who lit them.

7. Mystery Sound of the Sea Waves

It is said that one may hear the unmistakable sound of the sea waves if one put their ears close to the wall behind the Balaji deity inside the sanctum sanctorum. One of the most intriguing secrets of the Tirumala Temple is this inexplicable mystery.

8. Back of the Balaji is Always Moist

There is constant moisture observed on the rear of the Balaji idol. The priests make useless attempts to dry it off, but Lord Balaji's back remains eternally wet.

9. Mystery of the Viraja River

According to legend, a holy river called Viraja contains the foot of Lord Balaji. It is rumored that this specific river provides the water for a well inside the temple.

The name of this well, "Bommala Bavi," means "well of idols" in Sanskrit. This is because the inner wall of the well was built from the same stones that were used to make the idols in the temple.

10. Mystery Behind Camphor

The stone Balaji idol is a mystery that is connected to Tirumala. It is amazing that the idol of Balaji shows no effects despite being exposed to camphor for such a long time.

Long-term exposure to camphor typically causes fissures or splits in stone; however, this effect is not seen with the Balaji idol in Tirumala.

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