varalakshmi pooja return gifts

Best Varalakshmi Pooja Return Gifts

Varalakshmi Vratam is one of the most favourite occasions or festivals celebrated by the southern states of Tamil Nadu.

During the festival, Hindu married women are observed to do pooja and fast on the day. It is observed mainly in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka states.

Women are doing this because it is believed that if a woman is doing so, then because of her sacrifices, there would be happiness in her house, and her husband and children are supposed to get success.

Varalakhsmi's actual purpose would be "one who bestows blessing or wishes." Adoring Varalakhsmi is considered equal to worshipping Ashtalaksmi, a set with eight avatars of Goddess Lakshmi.

Significance of Varalakshmi Pooja

Devi Parvati's love for her partner, Mahadev, is commemorated on this day. The festival is held mostly in the Hindu-specific month of Shravana and coincides with the start of the monsoon season.

The ceremony is performed mostly on Friday and the full moon night. Vara Lakshmi Vratam is an old tradition continuously revered since it is celebrated throughout the southern regions.

There is also a dinner to commemorate the occasion. Obattu, kosumbari, puliyogare, huli anna, hesaru bele, and payasa are among the foods related to this celebration.

In addition, there will be the distribution of sweets and other food by the women across the town.

Furthermore, in some of the houses, women invite other household members, relatives, and friends to the pooja. It's a good thing when you greet them with return gifts, so let's see some of the best Varalakshmi Pooja return gifts.

Best Return Gifts for Varalakshmi Pooja

1. Lakshmi Maa Pocket Temple and Ganesh Lakshmi Murti

Ganesh Lakshmi Saraswati Pocket temple - svastika

The fortunate appearance of Maa Laxmi will enrich your loved ones and household. It also includes a gold shield coated "Shubh Labh'' phrase, which will heal and safeguard your household from harm.

Pocket Temples are ideal for giving to anyone and any occasion at any time of year.

Svastika Ganesh Lakshmi Saraswati pocket temple feature 24-karat gold coating and appear very appealing and stunning in your house or business. And Ganesh Lakshmi Murti's, beautifully manufactured for your household and temple.

Invite Abundant Beginnings with Ganesh-Lakshmi Murti's -

Handcrafted from resin and marble dust, decorated with electro gold coated metal, and thoughtfully crafted to provide perfection at an inexpensive value, this can be the best return gift for Varalakshmi Pooja.

2. Pooja Thali Set

The Pooja thali is a single plate that carries the whole of the Pooja necessities, so you shouldn't need to run searching for them.

If you have decided on a Pooja Thali set as a return gift then look no further because Svastika offers two variations including the Meenakari Handwork Brass Pooja Thali Set and the Silver-Plated Lotus Leaf Pooja Thali Set. It is a wonderful thank-you present for your invitees to the Varalkashmi Vratham.

The pooja thali can be a good gift item for Varalakshmi pooja.

The thali has various things like steel Diya, an incense stick holder, a little bowl to preserve sandalwood, and kumkum paste, which is included with each multicoloured adorned thali.

This thali would not merely make your Pooja perfect but also make the Pooja space more beautiful.

Bestow Blessings with a Divine Pooja Thali -

3. Ganesha Pocket Temple

This is an ideal present for friends or family members embarking on a fresh adventure!

You can store this within your shrine, and the Chandan scent from this tiny mandir will help produce a happy environment.

Everyone believes in Shri Ganesha, so to gift anyone, you can gift either a Ganesha pocket temple or a white Ganesha idol from Svastika.

The term 'Shri Ganesh' means the beginning of almost anything in the Hindu religion, specifically the beginning of doing something beneficial and encouraging.

This Ganesha Pooja Set represents positive fortune and can be used by everyone embarking on a new endeavour. And hence you can gift a gold-plated Ganesha Pooja Box to your loved ones and relatives.

Invoke New Beginnings with Divine White Ganesha Idol's -

4. Dry Fruits and Gift Hampers

Dry fruits, in addition to chocolates, are a favourite celebration treat. Dry fruits are excellent for giving since they wouldn't spoil readily, are portable, comfortable to box, and provide a healthful snack. They were also occasionally presented to Deity.

As a result, a basket of delectable dry fruits is an excellent option for the return gift of the pooja on the occasion of Varalakhsmi Vratham. Svastika has the best hampers for your pooja.

There are several gift hampers available on Svastika. You can pick your favourite gift hampers among the dry fruits, aroma and ganesh lakshmi and contact the Svastika store to buy the return gifts for the Varalakshmi Vratham function in India and the best hampers.

5. Ganesh Car Dashboard Idols

ganesh car dashboard idol - svastika

In India, most cars have a small idol statue on the dashboard. And the statue can be shown from the outside.

One can also keep it on an office desk, as a present, or at your shrine. It is recommended that people maintain statues no larger than 4 inches in the temple.

Thus these Gods will be a great feature of any mandir. At the Svastika store, you can choose this as a Varalakshmi pooja gift idea.

Apart from this, you can have different dashboard idols like Laddu Gopal Krishna Eating Makhan, Lord Krishna with the flute and four-armed Ganesha. These idols protect the car and people inside the car from accidents and terrible things.

6. Incense Stick and Stand

incense stick with stand

It becomes the greatest fundamental Puja item, as well as being extremely helpful all inside the house. You can buy from Svastika solid brass.

Agarbatti stand or holder is a traditional design steeped in Indian culture. It can be seen in any Indian home and is used for holding and burning incense sticks.

As a result of the stand's big rim, dust from burned incense is collected upon that, maintaining the space spotless.

The stand is made of heavy metal and also features a lengthy polish. Or you can gift both items like an incense stick with its stand.

7. Silver and Gold Coins

Money and happiness are linked with God Ganesha and Goddess Lakhsmi. Those who follow her are said to receive great success.

Gift the Varalkashmi Vratham visitors anything and everything more to remember the Devi by. Such coins are ideal fortunate presents to offer to friends and family.

These kinds of emblems are said to deliver good fortune and success to the wearer. These coins are available in the store named, Svastika. They have the best coins at affordable prices.

Varalakshmi Pooja Rites and Rituals

It is a ritual that women used to get up earlier than usual on this occasion because of the Pooja. They then have a shower to cleanse themself.

It is believed that women won't be able to execute the rites unless they properly purify themselves.

The holy metal jar, or Kalash, will then be put within the rangoli design where the Pooja will be performed.

The Rangoli is a design made by hand with the help of colours and is believed to symbolize the world and is used to create a Mandala. Devi Parvati is said to have fasted for Lord Shiva.

This rite honours that act of self-sacrifice. However, anybody can keep the fast, engaged ladies most often see it.

During the daytime, ladies are instructed to avoid eating certain items. This custom differs from one location to the next.

Women provided Thamboolam in some regions, and Varalakshmi vratham thamboolam items contained the mixture containing slaked lime, betel leaf, and areca nut.

The fast is ended after pooja, in which freshly flowers and fruits are presented to the Devi.

A saree is wrapped over a Kalash, or brass jar, to dress it up (representing the god). A swastika sign is made using kumkum and sandalwood powder. There is a pot called Kalash pot that has to be filled with raw rice or water, money, five varieties of plants, and betel nuts.

Lastly, a few mango leaves will be put above the Kalash's head, which is then sealed with a turmeric-coated nut. Throughout the Pooja, a Dorak is a sacred type of thread that should be tied.

There is a ritual called vayana in which the sweets must be presented in front of God. An aarti should take place in the evening.

The next day of the pooja, you must take out the water you poured inside the Kalash and spray it all over your house.

One more thing should be noted: if there are rice grains inside the Kalash, you have to prepare a rice meal and give it to all the family members as a Prasad.


In the end, we can say that this is the most famous festival on the southern side, and people have faith in God. From the rites mentioned above and rituals, you can easily understand what things you have to perform on that day.

You can invite your family members to have happiness, and in return, you can give them gifts. You can buy Varalakshmi vratham return gifts from Svastika either online or offline.

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