Devotional Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Devotional Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to honor the love, care, and sacrifices of the incredible women who have transformed our lives. It is a day to thank and appreciate them for what they have done for us.

The origin of Mother's Day dates back to ancient times when people celebrated the mother goddesses in their cultures.

In ancient Greece, people held a spring festival called the festival of Cybele to honor Rhea, the mother of all gods.

It is a day that recognises the important role that mothers play in our lives and to thank them for their constant support and wisdom.

And what better way to express our appreciation for everything they do for us than with a gift?

Consider giving your mother a gift that celebrates her faith and spirituality if you're looking for a meaningful and devotional Mother's Day gift suggestion.

A devotional gift can demonstrate your love and support for her spiritual journey.

There are numerous lovely and inspiring devotional gift options to select from. These presents can bring comfort, inspiration, and advice to your mother while also reminding her of the importance of her faith in her daily life.

Thoughtful Gifting Ideas for Mother's Day 2024

1. Nav Durga Pocket Temple 24 Karat Gold Plated

Svastika Nav Durga Pocket temple

The Nav Durga Pocket Temple 24 Karat Gold Plated consists of a beautiful charan paduka (holy feet) in a box, inviting the blessings of Adishakti (the Primordial Power) upon yourself and your loved ones.

Keeping this material universe in order and decorum are only a few of the many tasks attributed to Maa Durga (Sheerawali Mata). It sounds to us like the perfect gift that you could get your mother on this special day.

With its pure gold plating, this pocket temple is an exquisite and revered complement to your regular rituals.

Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri are only few of the Nav Durgas represented at the temple. Each has been delicately carved and detailed.

These statues can be utilized for daily puja, meditation, or as a source of inspiration and peace, and they serve as a strong reminder of the divine mother's presence and protection.

Put it on your altar, in your locker, in your puja room, or wherever else sacred, and good fortune and beauty will follow.

This portable temple is not only an excellent way to receive Mata's holiday blessings but also makes a thoughtful present for a friend or family member.

2. Radha Krishna Jhula Murti

radha krishna jhula murti by svastika

A perfect gift for any occasion really, the Radha Krishna Jhula Murti is something that would fit perfectly in your plans to get your mother something special on Mother’s Day.

The Radha Krishna Jhula Murti is a work of art of unparalleled beauty and a faithful depiction of the divine love shared by Radha and Krishna.

This statue, crafted from superior materials, would look perfect in your home temple and office.

The statue's 24 Karat gold plating is one of its most striking features. This treatment gives the statue an air of refined grandeur. With such meticulous attention to detail, the gold plating will last for decades.

The statue rests on a wooden platform that serves as a stable basis and adds to the piece’s aesthetic appeal. The foundation, made of high-quality wood, is built to last and is designed to keep the statue in place.

This Radha Krishna Jhula Statue is more than simply a pretty piece of decor; it has profound religious significance.

A statue of Radha and Krishna is thought to bring happiness, peace, and success to the home or office where it is displayed. The figurine is also perfect for use in religious ceremonies like puja.

Infuse Sacred Joy with Divine Radha-Krishna Statue - 

3. Lord Krishna's Hand with Flute

Lord krishna's head with flute -svastika

Another classic gift that you could present to your mom this Mother’s Day is a figurine of Lord Krishna’s hand with flute.

A great deal of spiritual weight can be attributed to both the Flute of Lord Krishna and the Peacock Feather.

Harmony is represented by a flute, and legendary texts state that Lord Krishna's hands, while they are playing the flute, have the capacity to provide delight to all of the entities in the universe.

The peacock feather is considered to be a symbol of purity, and wearing one is said to make a person's life easier while also bringing them happiness, tranquility, and success.

The Krishnaji Divine Hands Idol comes in 3 size variants (3.5, 7, 9 inches) and it is a perfect addition to your spiritual collection.

Embrace the divine presence of Lord Krishna in your home today - 

4. Dagduseth Ganpati 24 Karat Gold Plated

dagduseth ganpati 24 karat gold plated idol by svastika

This stunning replica of the Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati idol in Pune is crafted of polyresin with 24 karat pure gold plating and possesses a faultless finish, is absolutely stunning!

According to the principles of Vaastu, putting religious or spiritual showpieces or idols in the north-eastern corner of the drawing or living room and the pooja room is supposed to bring prosperity, health, peace, and happiness to all the people living in the house, including the mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter, and friend.

Put this serene 24 Karat Gold Plated Dagdusheth Ganesha Murti in your living room for an effervescent beauty, or give it to someone you care about before they start a new chapter in their life.

It is a representation of the strength of the supreme god, who dispenses with difficulties and makes it possible for humans to achieve their goals.

5. Golden & White Reclining Buddha Idol

Golden and White Laying Buddha Idol

The portrayal of a Buddha statue depicted reclining on his right side with his head propped up on his right elbow is intended to convey the idea that every living thing has the capacity to achieve enlightenment and break free from the cycle of death and rebirth.

This Buddha has always been revered as a significant representation of peace.

Having a statue of a sleeping Buddha as a piece of home decor should inspire those who are around it to search for harmony within themselves.

This statue is created out of a material called polyresin, and it was hand-crafted in India.

This idol, which is a stunning example of how elegance and beauty can harmoniously coexist, can either be displayed in the pooja room or in the living room.


In conclusion, a devotional Mother's Day gift is a thoughtful way to honor your mother's faith and spirituality on this special day.

But no matter what gift you choose, the most important thing is to express your love and appreciation for your mother.

Let her know how much she means to you and how grateful you are for everything she has done for you.

Celebrate the special bond you share with her and cherish the memories you have made together. Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there!

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