how to decorate krishna idol at home

How to Decorate Krishna Idol at Home

Lord Krishna has a worldwide following and is recognised as the God of riches, love, and prosperity.

Many of us carry home an lord krishna statue, whether large or miniature, to worship, while some get the lord Krishna idol because it is beautiful.

It is believed that his idol brings good fortune to your home if it is kept in pooja room with other things such as flowers, pocket temple,holy books,etc.

Lord Krishna idols are seen in many homes, not only in pooja rooms but also in living rooms and hallways. People like decorating the Krishna statue with flowers, lights, diyas, garlands, and other ornaments.

Lord Krishna is described as a gorgeous God in the ancient Vedas and writings. His worshippers praise his attractiveness by singing bhajans.

But many do not know the correct Radha Krishna idol sitting position and how to decorate the Krishna idol at home for any occasion like Diwali. Here you will get all this information.

Krishna Idol Decoration Ideas

There are several ways to decorate Krishna idols at home. Many use flowers, garlands, and brass puja Ghar items. You can also use props and arts for decoration.

On the occasion of Janmashtami and Diwali, devotees use several other special decor items for Radha Krishna idol decoration, such as a decorative throne and jhula.

1. Krishna Flower Decoration

pooja room krishna statue at home

The Lord Krishna statue is lavishly decked with flowers and a rangoli. You may cover it with a large garland of red flowers.

Alongside the statue, you may arrange well-lit thread bulbs and synthetic flower vines. This gives the idol a good lighting look and a shine.

Place real roses, lilies, and other colorful flowers in water-filled pots to add to the décor. Adding a festive look to the overall decorating, create a leafy, colourful design in front of the idol.

This is a unique everyday decorative style. A tiny Baal Krishna deity can also be set surrounded by chandramallika, roses, and other flowers.

2. Brass Krishna idol decoration for Diwali

radha krishna sitting position

The lovely brass Krishna figure with flute may be adorned with a garland of red and orange rose petals and green foliage.

Many diyas can be stored on the box shelves in the backdrop. This is a basic Diwali decoration concept that includes garland and diyas. The diyas in the backdrop help to illuminate the home and idol.

You may also decorate the surroundings of the Krishna statue with chandramallika flowers and rose petals.

3. Krishna Idol Janmashtami Decoration

radha krishna decoration ideas

Krishna Janmashtami is the yearly festival of Lord Krishna's birth, observed with pomp and splendor throughout the country. If you are spending this joyous event at home, be sure to decorate your home and puja Ghar with bal krishna idol.

Several décor options range from dressing up tiny boys as the naughty Kanha to decking out homes with flowers and Lord Krishna's bansuri idol.

To add a unique touch, utilise eco-friendly paper banners and paper cutouts. You could also seek Lord Krishna thrones with vibrant colours to draw attention to your Krishna statue.

You may also utilise an easy-to-assemble jhula, which would look beautiful in your puja Ghar.

Get these beautiful Krishna idols for your home -

How to finish your lord Krishna temple decoration?

1. Vaijayanti Mala

idol decoration items

Lord Krishna wears a Vaijayanti mala as a bracelet or around his neck. If possible, get one with his name on it. It is said to increase people's luck, charm, and attractiveness.

This improves the marriage relationship by increasing love and happiness between husband and wife.

2. Makhan Prasad

radha krishna decoration ideas

Makhan Mishri is a popular food item for most Janmashtami prasad offerings.

According to mythology, it is Lord Krishna's favorite meal as well. To put it mildly, preparing prasad for Lord Krishna is not a big task.

Lord Krishna must be served misri and white butter as prasad. It is good to place some misri in your home temple in an airtight container.

3. Flute & Peacock Feather

idol decoration items

Lord Krishna's flute is meant to bring all people together, implying domestic togetherness and peace.

Because peacock feathers are recognised for their magnificence and the charismatic personality of Lord Krishna, it is thought that putting a peacock feather at your household temple encourages pleasure.

4. Lotus or other flowers

radha krishna decoration ideas

This flower is gorgeous, but it is also regarded as sacred. It represents an effort in life by growing in murky waters, yet it stays fragrant and lovely. 

Every day, keep a lotus in your temple to provide you stability. However, it must be replaced every other day with a new one.

Red rose petals, chandramallika, tulsi, and parijat blossoms can also be used.

5. Cow statue

idol decoration items cow idol

According to Hindu mythology, this statue of kamdehnu cow is significant because a cow represents all of Hinduism's Gods. 

According to Hinduism, the cow represents divine and natural beneficence and should be conserved and worshiped.

Second, Lord Krishna adored butter, milk, and all other dairy products produced by cows; hence, having a statue in your home is a good practice.

Which type of Lord Krishna Murti to pick?

Radha krishna with cow by svastika

The sort of Lord Krishna murti you choose is also important for your objective.

Bring home the Laddu Gopal Idol if you have a child or are expecting one soon, which can be proven fantastic gift for naming ceremony and baby shower ceremony if you're planning to attend one.

You can bring a Krishna idol with a calf if you need positive energy. Consider the height of the location where Lord Krishna's murti will be put.

If you are purchasing a large statue, you must consider its height above the floor as well as the distance between the idol and the ceiling.

You must obtain a shorter statue at eye level when you position it. It is critical that you can see the statue in the eyes without glancing up or down.

In Which Direction Should we keep Krishna Idol?

Check which wall of your house faces which way when you enter. The idol is most beneficial when put in the northeast corner of your home.

East to West or West to East is acceptable for its orientation, but never North to South. It is quite close to Feng Shui principles.

These instructions and positioning show that you respect the Krishna murti while it invites a healthy and positive energy flow.

The statue requires enough lighting. The main light source must strike the statue from the southeast.

You'll note that candles and diyas are set in these directions in temples. The light direction promotes happiness and positive energy in your house.


There are many other Radha Krishna decoration ideas that you can try to deck up your Krishna idol on a normal day or on any festival.

Remember the correct Radha Krishna sitting position and the direction it needs to face to bring prosperity to you and happiness to your home.

It would be best if you also gave attention to the Krishna flower decoration at home. Next time, follow our ideas of decoration to celebrate Janmashtami with splendor.

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