how to stick idol on car dashboard

How to Stick Idol on Car Dashboard

When individuals invest heavily in something, such as a new house or automobile, they treat it as if it were their kid. Every person spends a fortune of their hard-earned money on these items. When someone buys an automobile, it becomes a source of pride. For some, it is a symbol of success. You must bless a car with a Lord Ganesh statue on the dashboard when you purchase it or if you have received it as a car warming gift or Dasara gift during the festival of Dasara from your friends and family. In this post, you will learn some of the important things that will help you decide how to stick a God idol on your car dashboard.

Can I Fix Idols on the Car Dashboard?

We are accustomed to keeping our chosen deity's idol on our cars' dashboards to keep God's favor. The problem is that because the idol is made of wax, you may not be able to use a powerful adhesive compound. As a result, you may use the wax to glue it to the dashboard.

What Idol is Suitable for a Car Dashboard?

You should put god idols in the car based on your faith and interest. After all, all of them are different versions of the same God. Here are some of the best suitable idols for your cash dashboard-

Browse through our collection of car dashboard idols -

1. Pagdi Ganesh for car dashboard

Lord Ganesha is recognized throughout the globe as the God of knowledge, success, fortune, and the remover of barriers. Because he is the deity of origins, he is revered at the start of ceremonies and rituals. You can use this well-built miniature Pagdi Ganesh statue in your car.

2. Lord Krishna with flute idol

Lord Krishna has a worldwide following and is recognized for riches, love, and prosperity. Many of us have a Lord Krishna statue in our cars. His idol is thought to bring him good fortune. This Lord Krishna with flute idol brings and keep household together. You can also opt for bal krishna with flute idol, if you are expecting a child or recently have a new born child.

3. Lord Sai Baba idol

Many people believe in Sai Baba and place Sai Baba idol on their automobile dashboard. It is thought that the great satguru, Sai Baba, specifically blesses every devotee, which has a tremendous influence on their levels. Devotees get Sai Baba's auspicious blessings to enhance their life and success. Baba's soul dwells in the hearts of all those who seek him.

4. Shiva car dashboard idol

Shiva is the most well-known Hindu deity. He is revered across the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. He is regarded as the ruler who perpetuates the cycle of existence, including its origin and end. Whether it is keeping Shiva statue at home or keeping Shiva idol on car dashboard can bring you good luck and protection especially while driving automobiles.

Things to Follow while Placing Ganesh Idol on Car Dashboard

  • Another thing to consider is the location of the trunk. The location of the trunk has a significant impact on the car's environment and the overall vibration. Please consult an expert and solicit their advice.
  • Remember only to place one idol or photo at a time. A single Ganesh should not exist. Spiritual, corporate, and heavenly gifts may be purchased online from anywhere. It is stated that installing more than one idol bothers Ganesh Ji's wife, who turns her back.
  • Remember that Ganesh Ji will bless his followers; if you are nervous or irritated, look at him and close your eyes. It is quite simple to obtain religious and spiritual idols in India.

In Which Direction should we not Put God's Photos?

The best direction to place god photos or idols is east or north, regardless of whether it is a temple, a pooja room, a car, or a vehicle. God portraits or idols are not permissible on the floor.

Benefits of having an Idol on Your Car Dashboard

Many individuals keep god idols in their vehicles. Car God Idols on the dashboard of our automobiles provide us with a sense of protection and safety. It has direct contact with our thoughts and spirits. Because of the great spiritual connection one has, one feels so comfortable and safe whether driving at an unexpected time or in odd weather conditions. We can drive the vehicle without fear or anxiety when we feel connected and assured.

How do you Fix an Idol to a Car Dashboard?

Fixing a God idol to the car dashboard requires a firm hold on the baseplate and the capacity to be attached to the dashboard itself. You may construct a sugru mold of the deity's baseplate and hot glue it to a metal sheet. The metal plate may be reattached to the dashboard with any adhesive you like.

What Kind of Tape Should You Use on the Car Dashboard?

Magnetic car phone mount holders or any God's statute may be attached to the bottom of most dashboards using 3M VHB sticky adhesive tape in a rectangle. It is a strong, long-lasting, sticky adhesive solution for a phone car mount.

Which Adhesive is Suitable for the Car Dashboard?

Dashboard glues, often known as adhesives, aid in preventing things from slipping. These adhesives are often used to improve the resistance between the object and the surface to offer a greater grip or hold the things together. To avoid problems involving sliding things such as phone holders or god idols, you should stock your automobile dashboard with sticky disks and safe adhesives. A Loctite Super Glue Gel tube that weighs two grams can be a suitable adhesive for the car dashboard.


We all want to feel relaxed and tension-free while driving or in the car. God's blessings are always with us, but seeing the deity's idol on the car dashboard gives us more assurance of safety and protection. However, it would help if you considered keeping a few Gods' idols in your car, one of which is Ganesh's idol. Follow the Vastu rules while putting the picture or idol in the car.

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