Return gifts for naming ceremony

Best Return Gifts for The Naming Ceremony

Namkaran, or the newborn naming ceremony, is one of the essential ceremonies performed by every Indian parent immediately after the birth of their child.

You might be preoccupied with preparing for your baby's cradle ceremony. However, don't let the variety of return gifts for the baby naming ceremony overwhelm you.

We have compiled a list of presents that you might consider presenting as return gifts to your guests as a gesture of appreciation.

When is the Baby Cradle Ceremony Held?

In many cultures, naming a recently born infant is a traditional event. It is regarded as a significant cultural and religious festival in all communities.

In India, the naming ceremony is often conducted a few weeks after the child's birth and is celebrated with a meaningful feast or celebration attended by friends and family.

In Hinduism, the ceremony is known as Namkaran or Namakarana Sanskar. The naming ceremony normally occurs between the sixth and twelfth days following the child's birth.

In Christianity, the naming ceremony is also known as Christening or Baptism. The naming ceremony can be done following the child's birth, particularly during infancy.

In Islam, the naming ritual takes place seven days after the birth, with both parents choosing a name for the newborn child.

Why do We Return Gifts for the Naming Ceremony?

Aside from the ceremonial component, the newborn naming ceremony is also a family social occasion. The current practice is to throw a party to commemorate the occasion.

The manner of celebration may have altered, but one tradition that has not evolved is the practice of returning presents to visitors attending a newborn naming ceremony.

The birth of a child usually causes celebration in a family, and the major reason for providing return presents is to memorialise the occasion and express thanks to the visitors.

Best Return Gift Ideas for the Naming Ceremony

A. God Idols for Good luck and Protection

1. Gold Silver Plated Balaji Idol

This unique antique balaji idol adds to the décor value of any home, workplace, hotel, or temple. It is an excellent option for a return gift for the naming ceremony.

This Tirupati Balaji idol is crafted of polyresin, precious stones (in the crown), copper, 99.9% pure silver, and 24 Karat gold. Shri Venkateshwara, also known as Balaji, is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Balaji is credited for rescuing humanity from the difficulties and afflictions of the Kali-yuga.

Gift this master artwork to your guests to bring positive energy and Lord Balaji's blessings to their home.

Bring Home Lord Balaji's Abundant Blessings -

2. Gold Plated Ganesha Idol

Another fantastic return gift idea for the cradle ceremony is a gold-plated Ganesha statue.

This gold plated Ganesha Murti may be utilised for a Pooja Mandir, Interior Decoration, Table Decor, or Showcase Decoration. This murti is available in a variety of sizes and the white variant.

Lord Ganesha represents knowledge and eliminates all Vastu Dosha which is you'll find Lord Ganesha idol in may households.

With a gold-plated wooden base, This Svastika Lord Ganesha Statue display figurine is a fantastic gift for any family member or friend.

Welcome Knowledge and Wisdom Home -

3. Lakshmi Ganesha Idol

The White Lakshmi Ganesh Murti Set can be a great return gift for your baby's naming ceremony guests.

Ganesha is the deity who removes all barriers from your path. His other name is "Vighanharta," which means "the one who removes all barriers, hurdles, and sufferings."

The Hindu goddess of prosperity, knowledge, wisdom, and nature is goddess Lakshmi. This idol will add to the spirituality of the location by lavishing their blessing and grace.

You may also choose from Ganesha Lakshmi murti from Svastika as a gift.

Bring Good Fortune and Prosperity Home -

4. Shiv Murti

The Svastika Lord Shiva idol is a wonderfully carved sculpture of one of Hinduism's most renowned deities.

This piece will be a valued remembrance for coming years, with a genuine vintage finish and intricate custom painting.

This sculpture will always be your spiritual guide and a reassurance that the supernatural loves and protects you.

You may certainly present this idol as a thank you gift for the wedding ceremony or a gift for newborn cradle ceremony.

A Divine Heirloom to Treasure for Ages -

5. Kamdhenu Idol

The Kamadhenu cow, also known as the "Mother of all cows" and "Cow of Plenty," is unusual.

Because of their effectiveness in enticing nearby farms and reducing hurdles in life, the Kamadhenu cow and her calf "Nandini" have piqued the curiosity of historians.

Placing a Kamadhenu cow idol deity in a house, especially one with a calf, Nandini, brings wealth, happiness, and excellent household status.

Cows are regarded as mothers in Hinduism. Without a doubt, this may be included in your list of naming ceremony return presents.

Treasured Gifts for Divine Blessings -

6. Lord Buddha Statue

Lord Buddha Statue Holding Begging Bowl and Wisdom Pearl is a prominent representation of Buddhist iconography.

The statue depicts the Buddha in a seated position, with one hand holding a begging bowl and the other a wisdom pearl.

The begging bowl symbolizes the Buddha's renunciation of material possessions and his reliance on the generosity of others, while the wisdom pearl represents the Buddha's teachings, which are considered priceless and valuable.

Channel the Buddha's Tranquil Teachings through Sacred Statue - 

B. Box of Dry Fruits Gift Hampers

The richly designed dry fruit and lighting kit gift basket can be given as a present to your visitors.

Aside from Diwali, this healthful dry fruit gift hamper can also be given at other events, such as a baby naming ceremony.

Dry fruits are the healthiest option for this, they are high in nutrients. The hamper is presented in a gold-plated box, making your dry fruits gift stand out!

C. Car Dashboard Idols for good luck

1. Krishna Feather and Flute Idol

A flute is a symbol of unity, and mythological writings describe flutes as being delightful and musical in many aspects of life.

Wearers of the peacock feather experience pleasure, serenity, and prosperity. It is a symbol of purity.

You can send prayers for the happiness and success of your friends, family, and colleagues by presenting them with this Svastika Krishna Idol with Flute and Feather for Car Dashboard.

2. Pagdi and Modak Ganesha Idol

Lord Ganesha, endowed with childlike purity, mischief in his eyes, and a carefree personality, is beloved by his worshippers and a sight to behold.

This ornamental pagdi ganesha murti and modak ganesha may be utilised as pooja mandir interior decoration, table décor items, car dashboard showpiece, or a present for visitors attending the naming ceremony.

3. Sai Baba Idol

This Sai Baba Car Dashboard Idol is coated in 24 Karat gold With its beautiful design and gleaming gold surface, this Sai Baba statue will offer you good fortune and protection from road mishaps.

It's the perfect present for yourself, your family, business, or friends. You can include this Svastika Sai Baba statue on the naming ceremony return gift list.

4. Shiv Trishul and Shiv Dumroo Idol

Hindus believe Lord Shiv's demolition and restoration powers are being employed today to demolish the world's illusions and faults, clearing the way for constructive transformation.

This promising 24 Karat gold plated Shiv Trishul with dumroo car dashboard idol is the ideal gift for those attending the cradle ceremony.

5. Ek Onkar Idol

The gold-plated 'Ek Onkar,' which means "God Is One," is an ideal addition to your automobile, temple, or as a naming ceremony gift.

The Ek Onkar idol is a significant symbol for Sikhs since it assists them in focusing on Waheguru while praying and meditation. It is suitable for usage as a car dashboard, office table, mandir pooja, and home décor.


India is a diverse country with many distinct cultures and groups, each with its own set of traditions, customs, and ways.

The infant naming ceremony, or Namakaran procedures, differs slightly amongst Indian states.

However, thanking departing visitors with return gifts is a unique culture performed in all locations.

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