How to worship Lord Krishna and its benefits

How to Worship Lord Krishna and its Benefits

Inarguably one of the favorite deities of all time, Lord Krishna is hailed for his charming and charismatic character. With a heartwarming myth, this Lord has stolen hearts for generations and will continue to do so.

A dark-skinned child who grew up on the banks of River Yamuna and wove his way to the lives of those in Vrindavan with his peacock feather-tucker hair and sweet music pouring from his flute, no one can blame us for falling to our feet in front of Lord Krishna.

In order to please the Lord and grow spiritually, offering Lord Krishna puja at home or temple is a very good devotional practice.

If one is unable to make time then making other arrangements to devote time to Lord Krishna by getting a Car Dashboard Idol can be done instead.

It helps with the fostering of a close connection with the Divine, the accumulation of positive energy and universal knowledge, the management and training of the mind, the manifestation of our love for God, and the awakening of love for God.

In this article, we’ll look into the right way of worshipping Lord Krishna!

Why You Should Worship Lord Krishna?

How to do Krishna pooja at home

A paripurna avatar and Universal Deity, Lord Krishna (full and complete incarnation of God).

In Hindu mythology, he is seen as Lord Mahavishnu's avatar (the sustainer of the Universe and protector of Dharma).

In addition to devotional faiths, Hindu sampradayas, and a number of vedic and tantrik traditions, including Sri Vidya, he is especially respected in the historical Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, and Jnana yoga systems.

Associated religions, including Jainism, Buddhism, the Emerging Age, and new religious movements, all hold him in high regard.

Krishna is the physical manifestation of the god Vishnu, who upholds and safeguards creation. He personifies devotion and affection.

Worshipping Lord Krishna releases the soul from further reincarnation and more pain. The free soul is then accepted by the universal soul, which enshrines it.

During the Janmashtami festival, Lord Sri Krishna is revered with great joy. Krishna was born on this day, and according to tradition, he came into the world to rid the Mathura kingdom of its harsh monarch Kansa.

The fact that devotees from Mathura village, all of India, and even the entire world come together to commemorate the birth of Krishna, their savior, is what gives this day its true significance.

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How to Worship Lord Krishna at Home?

Krishna Puja at home

Aiming it either eastward or westward, position the statue of Lord Krishna in the northeast corner. The surrounding rooms must also be considered.

Avoid mistakes like placing the idol in a bathroom or bedroom. Additionally, avoid areas with barriers close by.

When purchasing a large statue, it is important to consider the statue's height off the ground and its distance from the ceiling.

Get a smaller statue that will be positioned at eye level. Without having to glance up or down, you should be able to look directly into the statue's eyes.

Take a bath and apply ashtagandha onto your forehead before doing the puja.

The altar must have a large, deep container holding a Lord Krishna murti or picture in the center. Aarti lamp, flowers, incense, kumkum powder, and sandalwood paste should all be placed on a puja dish.

Needless to mention, puja accessories are of secondary importance. What you must prioritize is cleaning and decorating the Krishna idol itself.

A second dish of sattvic food and fruit, more flowers, and water can all be added. Put ghee (clarified butter) or sesame oil-based deepam (light) there.

Once all of the components are prepared, you conduct achaman by holding a spoon in your left hand, sprinkling water over your right hand, chanting "Om achyutaya namaha," and silently ingesting the liquid.

While giving the Deity a bath with milk, ghee, orange juice, flowers, and plain water, recite the Brahma Samhita and other mantras and shlokas from the Vedas, Puranas, and Upanishads.

Put the bowl aside and dry the murti. After the abhishekam, place the food, flowers, water, and ghee diya close to Him (the bath)

Apply sandalwood paste to the statue of Lord Krishna.

Once the diya is lit, begin the shubham karoti kalyanam prayer. Chant any Krishna bhajan you like after chanting "gurur brahma gurur vishnu," and then present an incense stick by circling it seven times in a clockwise direction.

Give the Lord the chamara wisk to ward off flies and the one or five-wick arti lamp to keep him comfortable after that.

After offering a tiny amount of kumkum to Lord Krishna's feet and adorning a tilak on your forehead, distribute the remaining kumkum to other devotees as prasad.

Applying kumkum to others creates a conduit for the Lord's blessings because the offered kumkum has been accepted and blessed by Lord Krishna.

Tilak is also used to purify and sanctify the body, as well as to open, stimulate, and protect the adnya chakra. Blow the conch shell to end the worship ceremony and ask for forgiveness for any mistakes, wrongdoings, or omissions throughout the puja.

The rice, naivedyas, flowers, fruits, and water gifts can either be left there for God to enjoy for a bit and then consumed as prasad, or they can be afterward immersed in running water and given to others.

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Krishna at Home

How to worship Lord Krishna

You can obtain Krishna's eternal blessings, prosperity, and tranquility in life by offering prayers to him.

To attain his blessings, it is important to know how to please Lord Krishna. Doing so will also have an impact on your personal and married lives as they will be blissful and full of happiness.

Worshiping Lord Krishna can shield you from negative influences and their negative repercussions. You can obtain the blessings and favor of Krishna for the devotee's family by praying to him.

Additionally, it improves and strengthens judgment and self-assurance with a clear vision.

It aids in atoning for your prior births' faults and grants your merits. You will be able to overcome the challenges and make steady progress in life.

Praying to the Lord of the World also brings balance, peace, and love into your lives.

Close your eyes and let the picture of the Lord in your mind fill your body and soul. Pray to the Lord of the Universe with your whole heart!

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