Is Lord Hanuman Still Alive

Is Lord Hanuman Still Alive? Where is He Now?

Lord Hanuman remains to be one of the most prayed-to deities in the Hindu culture. Anjaneya, or Hanuman, is a Hindu deity and Rama's divine vanara.

Hanuman is a major figure in the Ramayana, the Hindu holy book. An adherent of the Chiranjivis, he is a fervent follower of Rama.

According to numerous legends, the wind god Vayu had a hand in giving birth to Hanuman. In Sadh Vaishnavism and a few other Vaishnava traditions, Hanuman is seen as an incarnation of Vayu, but in Shaivism, he is seen as a partial incarnation of Shiva. The epic Mahabharata and the several Puranas also have references to Hanuman.

This monkey god is loved for his unwavering faith and undying loyalty to Lord Ram. Winning hearts with his actions, Hanuman was a faithful devotee of Lord Ram and carried his heart on a sleeve, lifting hills and crossing oceans for his Lord and Saviour!

And the striking question that lingers in the minds of everyone is whether this loved deity is still alive. And if yes, where is he now? Which mountains should we scale to catch a glimpse of him?

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4 Undeniable Proofs that Lord Hanuman is Still Alive

1. Lord Hanuman was Granted Immortality

Is lord hanuman still alive?

It is said that Lord Hanuman is immortal because he made a wish to live on Earth for as long as Lord Ram's story and name were still spoken and read, and he was granted that wish.

While several instances show his existence and birth, it serves to make us aware that he was brought into this world, but there has been no news of his passing.

Lord Hanuman is an avatar of Lord Shiva, who was born for the benefit of the world. Lord Hanuman is Chiranjeevi, which means he is an eternal soul who will live until the end of the Kaliyuga period.

2. Hanuman's Captured Photograph

real photograph of lord hanuman

There is a famous Lord Hanuman photograph! It is popularly believed that the individual pictured in this photograph is in fact, Lord Hanuman himself.

In 1988, the photograph in question was taken by an unknown individual. The original owner of the photograph has passed away, but the photograph itself has been preserved.

This is an undeniable picture that states the presence of this Holy Deity!

3. Hanuman and the Mathang Tribe

Lord hanuman and mathang tribe connection

The Sri Lankan Mathang tribe claims Lord Hanuman visits them every 41 years.

The Ramayana inspired this religion. The Mathangs say they helped Lord Hanuman following Lord Rama's death. They claim to be Vibhishana's last descendants, living in Sri Lanka's jungles.

The Sri Lankan group "Setuu" researched these tribes' "log book" of Lord Hanuman's statements and Leelas.

SETUU found that Lord Hanuman visits them every 41 years. The next arrival may be in 2055. The tribe's leader records every minute of Lord Hanuman's presence in a "Log Book" every 41 years.

The tribe's Log Book records Lord Hanuman's recent visit, which ended on May 27, 2014, according to the western calendar. Setuu Asia is studying it to learn about Lord Hanuman's tribal discussions.

Mathangs were still isolated in the 21st century. This group is spiritual and isolated from modern life. Monkeys and birds inhabit their forest home.

As this enduring deity lives on to serve the righteous path indefatigably, devotees can carry his indomitable spirit into their own environments through Hanuman idols, prints and figurines to remain anchored by his strength.

4. Hanuman's Giant Footprint Marks

Lord Hanuman's real foot print

As Hanuman Ji journeyed across the ocean in search of Mother Sita, he transformed into the imposing shape of a powerful human. When he arrived in Lanka, there was evidence of his footsteps.

Even in modern times, his imprint may be found all over Sri Lanka. Jakhu Hanuman Mandir is the name of a temple that can be seen in Shimla; within this temple, one can still see the footprints of Hanuman Ji.

Where is Lord Hanuman Now?

The great Lord Hanuman had accomplished a great deal during his long life. Lord Hanuman, the son of Mata Anjani and Shri Kesari, spent his entire life serving his master, Shree Ram.

Lord Hanuman possessed a wide variety of skills and abilities. His name was Vaayu Putra, and all he wanted to do was be Shree Ram's student for the rest of the time.

As Ram accomplished his mission here on Earth, he ascended to heaven via the Sarayu. Interesting though it may be, Lord Hanuman did not accompany him.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman is still alive and will never leave Earth. Hanuman, the Lord, is here with us.

Lord Hanuman ripped open his chest to show everyone that Lord Ram resides in his heart, and this is another famous tale. In gratitude, Lord Ram granted Lord Hanuman eternal life.

Believe it or not, Lord Hanuman politely declined by caressing Lord Ram's feet, despite the fact that he had always desired to remain with Lord Ram and spend the rest of his life there.

As Lord Ram ascended to heaven to assume the role of Lord Vishnu, he commanded Lord Hanuman to remain on Earth to watch over it.

Lord Hanuman, it is stated, wished to remain on Earth until everyone there began to adore Shri Ram so that he might live in an atmosphere where Lord Ram was honored and revered.


One of the most revered deities in Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is hailed for his undying love and loyalty to Lord Ram. Questions like What happened to Hanuman after Ramayana? are commonly seen.

Hanuman was a pivotal part of Ramayana, this monkey God, is adored for his faithfulness and selflessness. There are several irrefutable shreds of evidence that give us hope that this Lord can be found in the heart of some jungle.

On the other hand, it is commonly held that Hanuman can be found in any and all locations where praises of Ram are chanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is Lord Hanuman?

Hanuman has been around for about 2.59 million years before the present. The Hindu god Hanuman represents strength and kindness.

2. When was Lord Hanuman last seen?

According to legend, the Mathang people of Sri Lanka are visited by Lord Hanuman once every 41 years. 

They were the only ones who could see him. Other people couldn't see him. It seems that Lord Hanuman left their group on May 27th, 2014, after bestowing Atman Gnan upon the newcomers.

After another 41 years, in 2055, He will return. To get Lord Hanuman's attention, however, they need only recite the following Mantra. “Kaltantu Karechranti Aener Marishnu, Nirmukter Kaletwam Amrishnu”

3. Can we see Hanuman now?

Recite this mantra 108 times, and if your heart is clean and your soul is connected to Lord Hanuman, you will undoubtedly see him.

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