return gift for vastu shanti

Return Gift for Vastu Shanti - 7 Unique & Memorable Gift Ideas!

Indian culture is vast and beautiful. We have stories in our crevices and corners, and legends passed down generations.

We believe in the miracle of life, and in respecting our elders, and following the pathway that our ancestors laid out for us. 

We decorate our homes, filled with the richness of our Gods and Goddesses, and design our homes in lieu of the Vastu Shastra, penned eons earlier.

And in such a tapestry of Indian traditions, the Vastu Shanti ceremony emerges woven with threads of spirituality and cultural richness. 

A pivotal moment in one's life journey, this ceremony seeks to harmonize the energies of a new living space through Vastu murtis, inviting positivity and well-being. 

At the heart of this ceremony lies the gesture of gratitude, expressed through the exchange of return gifts. 

These gifts, more than mere tokens, symbolize the circle of positive energy. They embody the timeless tradition of giving back for the blessings received, fostering a sense of unity and goodwill. 

We believe in never sending our guests back empty-handed, neither do we enter one’s homes without a positive offering.

Intricately connected with the principles of Vastu Shastra, these ceremonies carry a deep significance. 

To honour these customs, Svastika offers a finely crafted murtis collection, providing not only a source of aesthetic appeal but also a conduit for the sacred energies that dwell within.

The Importance of Return Gifts in Vastu Shanti 

vastu shanti return gift

The tradition of offering return gifts in the Vastu Shanti ceremony carries profound significance, rooted in the ethos of gratitude and goodwill. 

Considered to reflect the cycle of positive energy, return gifts serve as a heartfelt gesture, acknowledging the presence and blessings of our guests gracing the auspicious occasion. 

These gifts hold more meaning than just their material value. They represent how we're all connected and how positivity spreads when we share special moments together.

During the Vastu Shanti ceremony, giving gifts goes beyond just being a gesture. It's a way for the hosts to show how grateful they are for the good wishes and positive thoughts from their friends and family. 

By giving thoughtfully selected return gifts, it is seen as how the hosts say "thank you" and make memories that connect to the special meaning of the ceremony.

At our Vastu murti section, we understand the weight of tradition and the sentiment behind these gestures.

Our meticulously crafted murtis not only grace homes with beauty but also channel the spiritual energies that Vastu Shanti embodies. 

7 Unique and Memorable Return Gifts for Vastu Shanti 

Buddha Statue 

standing buddha statue - return gift for vastu shanti

A thoughtful token of wisdom. Choosing a Buddha statue as a return gift for the Vastu Shanti ceremony goes beyond mere visual appeal.

It carries a profound message of wisdom and mindfulness, reflecting the serene essence of the occasion. 

This symbolic statue not only adds a touch of elegance to any space but also serves as a reminder of inner peace and enlightenment.

It's a gift that resonates deeply, representing the positive energy that the Vastu ceremony stands for.

Bring Peace and Wisdom Into Your Home -

Vastu Pyramid

Vastu pyramids - return gift for vastu shanti

A Vastu pyramid is a unique return gift choice that aligns with the principles of positive energy.

Crafted from materials like copper, brass, and wood, these pyramids bring harmony and prosperity to the home. So, giving them away for those who graced your abode has a beautiful finish to it.

Each pyramid holds the essence of Vastu Shastra, making it a meaningful present that promotes well-being and balance.

Auspicious Door Hanger

symbolic door hangers - return gifts for vastu shanti

Inviting good fortune into your household starts right from the beginning. An auspicious door hanger adorned with symbols like the swastika and om is a delightful return gift option. 

Beyond its charm, it carries the promise of good luck and positive vibes for the person’s dwelling.

These decorative hangers not only enhance the main entrance but also serve as a constant reminder of the blessings bestowed upon the home.

Spiritual Books

Spiritual books - return gifts for vastu shanti

You can never go wrong with books. Gifting spiritual books is a gesture that nurtures minds and souls.

Books on mindfulness and meditation spread positivity, offering a diverse range of wisdom to choose from. 

This thoughtful return gift allows guests to embark on a journey of self-discovery and awareness, aligning with the sacred energy of the Vastu Shanti ceremony.

Divine Photo Frames

Divine photo frames - gift for vastu shanti pooja

Divine photo frames make for elegant and meaningful return gifts. These frames, with their embellished with spiritual motifs, provide a pretty way to showcase auspicious images. 

Available in various sizes and materials, they encapsulate the essence of the ceremony, allowing guests to preserve cherished memories in a sacred light.

Feng Shui Coins

Feng shui coins - vastu shanti return gift

Choosing Feng Shui coins as return gifts adds a unique thought to it. Rooted in ancient practices, these coins are believed to attract wealth and prosperity. 

A unique and meaningful present, they infuse a touch of mystique into the traditional gifting experience, aligning perfectly with the ceremony's goal of inviting positive energies.

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks - gift for vastu pooja

Incense sticks hold special meaning in spiritual occasions. These fragrant offerings create a soothing ambiance, enhancing the atmosphere of any home. 

As return gifts, they serve as the ceremony's intention to bless spaces with positive energy.

With a variety of fragrances available, incense sticks offer a simple yet impactful way to bring tranquility and sanctity into daily life.


Vastu Shanti applied to return gifts weaves a tale of gratitude, connection, and positive energy. These tokens of appreciation symbolize the interwoven bonds that tie us all together. 

As guests leave the ceremony with these gifts, they carry a piece of its sanctity and positivity into their own lives.

The act of presenting return gifts is more than a tradition, it's an expression of thankfulness for the well-wishes and positive intentions that our loved ones bestow upon us.

It's a way of reciprocating the good energy that flows through shared experiences. 

Each gift resonates with the very essence of the ceremony, whether it's a Buddha statue representing wisdom or a Vastu pyramid harnessing positive energies.

By selecting items that hold symbolic significance and spiritual energy, we not only honour tradition but also empower our guests to infuse their spaces with harmony and well-being.

Let each gift you choose reflect the sacred energy of the ceremony, serving as a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. 

As our Vastu murtis embody the same intention, we invite you to explore our collection and share the gift of positive energy with those who grace your life.

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