Who broke the tooth of Lord Ganesha

Who Broke the Tooth of Lord Ganesha? 4 Commonly Believed Stories

This elephant-faced God has captured our hearts and held our faith forever and ever. With his round belly and mouse friend, Lord Ganesha remains to be one of the most worshiped deities in the Hindu mythology.

Placed at the heart of every auspicious occasion, A Lord Ganesha idol is considered a symbol of a good start and can always be found at the forefront of an auspicious occasion.

Lord Ganesha is one of the most powerful entities in the Hindu domain. This well-loved and much-adored modak-loving deity is one that we pray to in times of need. Hailed for his patience and adorableness, he is always at the forefront of our homes and minds!

Which Side Tusk of Ganesha is Broken?

One of the baffling things about this charming God is the broken tusk he sports.

An iconic feature of Lord Ganesha, this article would be delving into the stories behind the broken tusk of our beloved Ganesha.

Ekadanta, meaning "the lord who has only one tusk," is another name for Ganesh. He is depicted with his right hand clutching his broken left tusk. It is commonly believed that Lord Ganesha broke his left tusk.

There appear to be a few different theories as to what happened to break his tusk. We will be expanding into the same in the following sections!

Who Broke Lord Ganesha's Tusk?

Story #1 - Parashurama vs Ganesh

Ganesha vs Parshurama

Ganesha's tusk was originally broken, according to legend, in an account taken from the Upodghata Pada of the Brahmanda Purana.

After defeating Kartavirya Arjuna and the kings allied with him, Bhagwan Parshuram, the sixth avatar of Vishnu, sought out Shiva to express his gratitude for bestowing upon him the strength to do battle.

The Padma Purana claims that Parashuram, a former devotee of Lord Shiva, traveled to Kailash to pay his respects.

Lord Ganesha obstructed Parashuram's entrance to the sanctuary because Lord Shiva was deep in meditation.

In Hindu mythology, Parshuram is one of the most vengeful gods. Thus, Parashuram got angry with Lord Ganesha for stopping him at the gate, and he tried to strike him with his axe.

Since the axe had been given to Parashuram by Lord Shiva, Ganesh ji knew it was his father's and abstained from blocking the axe's attack, resulting in one of his tusks being severed. This is how Ekdanta got to be Ganesha's other name.

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Story #2 - Ganesha in Mahabharata

Ganesha writes Mahabharata

Ganesha is said to have broken off a portion of his own tusk so that he could write the Mahabharata while Vyasa was dictating it to him. This is a narrative that is told in the Mahabharata.

Maharishi Ved Vyasa had the intention of writing down the Mahabharata, but he was aware that it would be impossible for him to accomplish so on his own. Hence, he went to seek assistance from Lord Ganesha in writing it.

On the condition that Maharishi Ved Vyasa would recite it quickly and in a continuous flow without halting in between, Ganesha agreed to write it, but only under the one and the only condition that he would do so.

Maharishi Ved Vyasa consented to it on the condition that Lord Ganesha first demonstrate an understanding of everything before writing it down. This was to ensure that Maharishi could take breaks in between the recitations without feeling rushed.

It is said that while Lord Ganesha was writing, the tip of his pen began to wear down. Since he had always stated that he would not be distracted, it is thought that he took his left tusk out of his mouth and used it to finish writing the great epic Mahabharata.

Story #3 - Lord Ganesha and the Moon

Ganesha vs Moon

Ganesha was invited to a feast by the god of the sky, Indra. Ganesha set out for Indra's palace in his trusty steed, a mouse. The mouse stumbled and fell because he was unable to support his own body weight.

The brilliant moon in the sky mocked him as he walked. After hearing this, Ganesha snapped off his left tusk and hurled it at the moon in a fit of rage. Angered, Ganpati cursed the Moon God, "You shall be constantly black and never seen by anyone."

The moon god, shaken by the impact of the curse, began appealing for forgiveness. Ganpati answered to his plea making the moon undergo different phases, growing from a new moon to a full moon.

In addition, it is said that anyone who witnesses the moon on my birthday would never achieve moksha (liberation). That's why he can have the nickname "with one tooth" (Ekadanta).

That "whoever stared at the moon on the Ganesh Chaturthi night, would experience a terrible omen," was another of Ganesha's curses on the moon.

Even today, on Ganesh Chathurthi day, believers still don't look at the moon.

Story #4 - Ganesh vs Mooshikasoora

Ganesh vs Mooshikasoora

According to legends, there was a monster named Mooshikasoora who was cursed so that no being ever born could ever kill him.

In the absence of Lord Shiva, the goddess Parvathi crafted Ganesha and breathed life into him. This child confronted Shiva upon his return to Mount Kailash.

While fuming, Shiva tore off the boy's head and burned it to ashes with his third eye. The truth about their son having been revealed by Parvathi drove him to issue a command for his followers to collect the severed heads of all living things with their heads facing north.

Shiva had the elephant's head (ghajsoora) attached to his son. On the other hand, Mooshikasoora's evil kept rising steadily.

Lord Ganesh was sent to take out Moshikasoora as he was the right person for the job. Mooshikasoora's wife, was a devout devotee of Goddess Parvati. She had prayed to Parvathi Devi for the safety of her husband.

Owing to the prayers of her devotee, Goddess Parvati was protecting Mooshikasoora and Lord Ganesha’s broken tusk could not harm him.

Eventually, Mooshikasoora realized his error, and he beseeched Lord Ganesha to take him as his vahana, which gave our Lord Ganesha, the mouse.


Thus, are the stories of how Lord Ganesha came to be known as Lord Ekadanta, the god with one tooth.

One of Hinduism, the predominant gods who are constantly hailed for his charm and well-wishing, he is always at the forefront of every auspicious occasion. His birth being one of our favorite legends ever, Lord Ganesha has several beautiful stories of his power and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Ganesha's Broken Tusk Symbolize?

Ever since his creation, Lord Ganesha has displayed several incredible moments of bravery and sacrifice, he stood upto the Lord of the Universe when he was just a child, and is blessed to be at the forefront of all occasions.

Lord Ganesha’s broken tusk symbolizes this deity’s sacrifice, he broke his tusk in order to write the epic tale of Mahabharata as he felt that such a rich tale ought to be written in something better than a mere writing device.

Did Ganesha Break His Tusk to Write?

Yes, the elephant-faced Ekadantha, broke his own tusk to pen down the epic tale of Mahabharata!

Where is Ganesha's Broken Tusk?

It is also a popular theory that once Lord Ganesha, while returning from Lord Indra’s feast was humiliated by the Moon God, causing him to break his tusk and throw it at the Moon in his anger. The resulting impact of his tusk flung at the Moon is also believed to have caused in a crater!

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