Who gave sudarshan chakra to krishna

Who Gave Sudarshan Chakra To Krishna? | Krishna's Sudarshan Chakra Story

Lord Krishna's extensive chronicles have been preserved over centuries, from birth to defeating evil Kamsa. His legend includes acquiring the mighty Sudarshan Chakra, pivotal in history.

Krishna is often revered through detailed idols depicting different life phases - his playful nature as a child, days as Arjuna's charioteer, and iconic moments.

For devotees, these murtis are not statues but sacred conduits for worship. Countless Krishna idols in temples and homes commemorate his tales and pastimes.

From birth to childhood pranks to destroying demons, the legends endure, perpetuated through art, stories, and devotion.

Lord Krishna is the avatar of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe, who forms one-third of the Holy Trinity.

A highly worshiped deity, Lord Krishna was believed to have been incarnated in order to get rid of Kamsa and restore peace and balance to the world.

What Is Sudarshan Chakra?

What is sudarshan chakra

The Sudarshan Chakra is titled as a powerful and divine weapon in Hinduism, belonging to the great Lord Vishnu, widely considered the god of preservation in Hindu mythology.

It consists of two spinning discs, each adorned with over a million sharp spikes on their edges, rotating in opposite directions.

The name "Sudarshan Chakra" comes from two words: "su," which means auspicious, and "darshan," which means vision. Therefore, making it an auspicious symbol to behold.

The word "chakra" means something that is constantly in motion, derived from the words "chruhu," which means movement, and "kruhu," which means to do.

Among all the weapons, the Sudarshan Chakra is especially unique because it is always in dynamic motion. There are fascinating legends surrounding the creation of this divine and special discus.

Who Gave Sudarshan Chakra To Lord Krishna?

Whio gave krishna sudarshan chakra

Lord Krishna's Sudarshan Chakra was not given to him by anyone. It is believed that the Sudarshan Chakra was an inherent divine weapon possessed by Krishna.

According to ancient texts, the Sudarshan Chakra was a powerful, circular disc with sharp edges, and it could swiftly destroy evil and protect righteousness.

As a young boy, Krishna exhibited his divine nature and immense power, and the Sudarshan Chakra was one of the symbols of his divine authority.

Throughout his life, Krishna used the Sudarshan Chakra on various occasions to protect his devotees and defeat malevolent forces.

It represents the cosmic order and divine justice, demonstrating Krishna's role as a protector and upholder of righteousness in Hindu mythology.

Various Legends Behind Sudarshan Chakra

Viswakarma's Creation

According to popular legend, the Sudarshan Chakra was crafted by the great Viswakarma, the celestial architect of the gods.

This tale revolves around Viswakarma's daughter, Sanjana, married to Surya, the radiant Sun God, one of the most powerful gods in Hinduism.

However, the intense brightness and heat of Lord Surya made it difficult for Sanjana to be near him comfortably.

Concerned for his daughter's well-being, Viswakarma intervened and reduced Surya's brilliance. From the excess "Sun dust," he fashioned three remarkable creations. The first was the Pushpaka Vimana, a celestial flying chariot.

The second was Lord Shiva's iconic Trident, that symbolizes his cosmic power. And the third, most significant, creation was the Sudarshan Chakra, a circular disc of supreme potency.

It was then bestowed upon Lord Vishnu, who would use it to protect dharma and vanquish evil forces.

Shiva's Gift

In another legend, the story goes that the gods faced relentless torment from the demons, and sought Lord Vishnu's help.

However, Lord Vishnu admitted that he couldn’t defeat the demons by himself. He then approaches Lord Shiva, who was deeply absorbed in meditation.

Not wanting to disrupt Lord Shiva's trance, Lord Vishnu began a prayer and chant, offering one thousand lotus blossoms daily to Shiva.

Patiently, he waited for years until Shiva finally emerged from his meditative state. Impressed by Lord Vishnu's unwavering devotion, Lord Shiva decided to test him by stealthily stealing one of the lotus flowers from his offering.

When Lord Vishnu realized one flower was missing, he was undeterred. Without hesitation, he plucked out one of his own eyes and placed it as an offering in the sacred fire.

Touched by Vishnu's act, Lord Shiva appeared before him and granted him a divine gift, which was the Sudarshan Chakra.

This powerful disc possessed the ability to cut through ignorance, illusion, and evil, making it an invaluable tool for Vishnu in his cosmic duties.

Uses of Sudarshan Chakra in Different Yugas

Uses of krishna sudarshan chakra

Throughout Hindu mythology, the Sudarshan Chakra holds a special place in various sacred texts like the Vedas and Puranas.

It's not just a weapon but is viewed as symbolization and the preservation of harmony and order in the universe while combating darkness and evil.

Both Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna wielded the Sudarshan Chakra on several momentous occasions.

During the Samudra Manthan, the Sudarshan Chakra played a crucial role in slicing the spiritual mountain, Mandrachal Parvat.

Another significant incident involved Lord Vishnu using it to separate Goddess Sati's body into pieces, easing Lord Shiva's sorrow and leading to the creation of revered "Shakti Peethas."

In the hands of Lord Krishna, the Sudarshan Chakra was used when Shishupal committed countless sins, putting an end to his wrongdoing.

During the battle, when Arjun boasted of his bridge of arrows that even Hanuman couldn't break, Krishna secretly supported it with His Sudarshan Chakra to aid his friend.

In a tale involving Sage Durvas, Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra was directed at the Sage due to his unwarranted curse on King Ambarish. Only upon the Sage seeking forgiveness from the king did Vishnu withdraw the Chakra.

In a holy text of the Nath sect, there's a mention of Gorakshanath halting the Sudarshan Chakra's motion.


Our culture is woven with stories and legends of our deities and their powerful lessons.

The Sudarshan Chakra stands as a symbol for conquering right over wrong and is not merely a weapon but an instrument that ensures the same.

There are several tales related to its origin and usage but the essence remains to be the same.

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