Why Lord Jagannath Has Big Eyes

Why Lord Jagannath Has Big Eyes? Revealing the Spiritual Secrets

The culture of our country, Hinduism, is filled with fascinating stories of Gods and Goddesses. Brought up in a Hindu household, we grew up around deities with stories of their bravery and valour passed down through generations. 

With a vast and rich culture and heritage attributed to our religion, we have no lack of beautiful stories woven for our deities.

And we’re going to be looking into the origin, history, powers, and lore of Lord Jagannath. Indian Gods and Goddesses take several forms and names.

The acclaimed Lord Krishna has yet another name, Lord Jagganath. This mischievous and charming deity is one of the popular Hindu Gods, known for his charisma and naughtiness, and bewitching beauty. 

His large, round eyes symbolize his omnipresence and eternal vigilance, reflecting his boundless compassion and unwavering protection over devotees.

These eyes are a reminder of his all-seeing nature, always watching and caring for his followers.

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The Infinite Gaze of Lord Jagannath's Observant Eyes 

Lord Jagannath, another name for Lord Krishna, symbolizes love and protection for his devotees. In his form as Jagannath, Krishna expresses his transcendental feelings, known as maha bhava. This makes Lord Krishna and Lord Jagannath identical in essence.

The large eyes of Lord Jagannath symbolize his omnipresent gaze, reminding devotees that he is the all-seeing and all-knowing Supreme Being.

These eyes are not merely a physical trait but a spiritual emblem of his eternal vigilance and benevolence. 

His infinite gaze offers comfort and reassurance to his followers, signifying that no action or prayer goes unnoticed.

This reinforces the faith that he is always present, guiding and protecting his devotees through life's journey.

Balabhadra, subhadara, and jagannath

The idols of Shri Jagannath are skillfully carved and colourfully painted from a neem wooden stump. Unlike other celestial figures in Hinduism, Jagannath is not portrayed as a human being. 

The pillar holding up his face and chest appears to be fused together. The enormous round face represents Anadi (without beginning) and Ananta (without end).

This wooden stump is designed with two enormous, symmetrical, circular eyeballs made of wood but lacking eyelids.

One eye symbolizes the moon, while the other represents the sun. The legs, neck, and ears are absent, but two additional stumps on either side of the main stump function as the Lord's hands.

The stump is further embellished to create Shri Jagannath's final appearance. On his forehead, he is depicted with a Vaishnava U-mark.

His dark skin tone and facial features are an abstraction of Krishna, the Hindu deity who takes on a cosmic form.

In most Lord Jagannath shrines in Eastern India and all of his major temples in Puri, Odisha, the deity is shown alongside his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra.

Why does Lord Jagannath have Big Eyes?

Jagannath big eyes

Lord Jagannath's big eyes are one of the most distinctive and captivating features of his idol, and they hold deep spiritual significance.

These large, round eyes symbolize his all-encompassing vision, signifying that he sees and embraces all beings, no matter their social status, caste, or creed. 

Unlike many deities who are depicted with closed or half-open eyes, Lord Jagannath's eyes are wide open, conveying his omnipresence and omniscience.

In Hindu belief, the eyes are often considered the windows to the soul, and Lord Jagannath's expansive gaze suggests that he is constantly watching over the world with infinite compassion and understanding. 

His eyes remind devotees that nothing is hidden from him and that he is always aware of their struggles, joys, and prayers.

This sense of being seen and understood by a loving deity provides immense comfort and reassurance to his followers.

The large eyes also reflect the idea that Lord Jagannath is beyond human limitations. He doesn't judge based on superficial attributes but sees the true essence of every individual.

This inclusive vision underscores the core Hindu teaching of the universal soul (Paramatma), where every being is a part of the divine whole.

Moreover, the big eyes of Lord Jagannath are a reminder of his accessibility. He is a deity who is approachable and ever-present, ready to listen to the concerns of his devotees.

This inclusivity make him a beloved figure in Hinduism, especially in the state of Odisha, where he is revered with great devotion.

In essence, Lord Jagannath's big eyes are a powerful symbol of his all-seeing, all-knowing nature, his boundless compassion, and his unconditional acceptance of all beings.

They remind devotees of his eternal presence and his unwavering love, making him a source of strength and inspiration for millions.

The Divine Compassion : Seeing Beyond the Material World

lord jagannath has big eyes

Lord Jagannath's large eyes are more than just a striking feature; they are a profound symbol of his divine compassion and omniscience.

These eyes, ever watchful and all-seeing, convey a message that goes beyond the material world, urging devotees to seek the eternal truth within.

In many spiritual traditions, large eyes are seen as a powerful symbol with deep significance.

They are often associated with heightened perception, wisdom, and an ability to see beyond the physical realm into deeper truths.

In many spiritual contexts, large eyes are associated with omniscience—the ability to see and know everything.

This symbolizes a divine or enlightened state of being, where one is constantly aware of all that happens around them. 

Such omnipresence is linked to the idea of a higher power or enlightened beings who watch over and guide humanity with love and compassion.

The spiritual symbolism of large eyes includes the concept of guidance and protection. They are seen as a constant presence, offering direction and safeguarding individuals on their spiritual journeys. 

This protective gaze reassures people that they are never alone and that a higher power is always watching over them, providing guidance and support.

In Hindu mythology, eyes are often seen as the windows to the soul. Lord Jagannath's expansive gaze is a reminder that he is always present, watching over his devotees with boundless love and understanding. 

His eyes symbolize his ability to see beyond the surface, to understand the true essence of every being, and to embrace everyone with unconditional love, regardless of their flaws or shortcomings.

For devotees, the large eyes of Lord Jagannath serve as a call to look beyond the transient, materialistic aspects of life.

They inspire believers to delve deeper into the spiritual realm, to seek the eternal truth that lies within each of us.

This divine gaze encourages introspection and self-realization, guiding individuals on a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The ever-watchful eyes of Lord Jagannath also symbolize his omnipresence.

They remind us that he is always there, a constant presence in our lives, offering guidance, protection, and solace. No action, prayer, or plea goes unnoticed by him. 

This assurance provides immense comfort to devotees, knowing that they are always under the watchful eyes of a compassionate and loving deity.

Through his infinite gaze, Lord Jagannath offers a vision of love, acceptance, and eternal wisdom.

The Manifestation of Lord Jagannath's Cosmic Presence

lord jagannath in yatra

The sheer size of Lord Jagannath's eyes is more than a distinctive feature of his idol, it's a powerful symbol of his cosmic presence.

These large, round eyes remind devotees of the vastness and grandeur of the Supreme Being, embodying the idea that Lord Jagannath is everywhere, watching over the entire universe with his infinite vision.

In Hindu spirituality, the eyes of a deity often carry profound significance. Lord Jagannath's expansive gaze symbolizes his omnipresence and omniscience. 

It's a reminder that he transcends the physical limitations of time and space, embodying the vastness of the cosmos.

His eyes serve as a metaphor for his boundless knowledge and his ability to see and understand all that happens in the universe.

For devotees, the large eyes of Lord Jagannath are a comforting presence.

They signify that no matter where they are or what they are going through, they are always under the watchful eyes of a loving and compassionate deity.

This cosmic gaze assures them that their prayers are heard, their struggles are seen, and they are never alone.

Symbolically, Lord Jagannath's eyes encourage believers to broaden their own vision, to look beyond their immediate surroundings, and understand the interconnectedness of all life. 

They inspire a sense of awe and reverence for the immense and intricate universe we inhabit, and a recognition of the divine presence that permeates it.

The large eyes of Lord Jagannath are a manifestation of his cosmic presence.

They remind us of the infinite reach and grandeur of the Supreme Being, offering a glimpse into the vast and profound nature of divinity.

Embracing the Spiritual Wisdom of Lord Jagannath

Lord Jagannath's big eyes hold deep spiritual meaning. They remind us of his constant presence, always watching over us with love and care.

His eyes tell us that no matter where we are or what we are going through, he is always there, seeing and understanding everything.

These eyes symbolize inclusivity. Lord Jagannath accepts everyone, no matter their background or status. This teaches us to embrace and love others just as they are, following his example of unconditional love.

The compassion in his gaze offers comfort, showing us that the divine loves us deeply and understands our struggles.

This compassion encourages us to look beyond our material concerns and seek a deeper, spiritual understanding of life.

His eyes also remind us of the vastness of the universe and our place in it. They inspire awe and a deeper connection to the spiritual world, helping us to feel a part of something greater than ourselves. 

Through his infinite gaze, we find comfort, inspiration, and a reminder of the ever-present love and compassion of the divine.

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