Lord Vishnu & Goddess Lakshmi Standing Idols (Antique/Copper Finish)


Lord Vishnu & Goddess Lakshmi Standing Idols (Antique/Copper Finish) 4,999.00 3,999.00

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The Vishnu Laxmi Murti is a beautifully crafted idol of the Hindu goddess Laxmi, who is revered as the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. This idol is made with high-quality brass material and has a height of 25 cm, making it an ideal home decor piece to add a spiritual and aesthetic touch to any space.

Vishnu Laxmi idol dimensions

The Laxmi Vishnu Murti is intricately designed with exquisite details that showcase the goddess’s divine beauty and grace. The idol depicts Laxmi Mata sitting on a lotus flower with her four hands holding symbols of wealth and prosperity, such as a lotus, coins, and gold. Her serene and peaceful expression radiates a sense of calm and positivity, making it an ideal addition to your home, office, or any spiritual space.

The Vishnu Laxmi Idol is not just a decorative item but also holds significant spiritual and cultural value. The goddess Laxmi is believed to bring good luck, fortune, and success to one’s life. Placing this idol in your home or workspace can create a positive and auspicious environment that can attract good energy and blessings.

The Vishnu Laxmi Statue is a perfect gift for any occasion, be it a housewarming ceremony, wedding, or any festive occasion. It can also be an ideal gift for someone who is starting a new business or venturing into a new career as it is believed to bring success and prosperity.

The Vishnu Laxmi Mata Murti is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a soft cloth to retain it’s shine and beauty. It is recommended to place the idol in the northeast direction of your home or office, facing towards the entrance, for maximum benefits.

In conclusion, the Vishnu and Laxmi Murti is a beautiful and meaningful piece of art that not only adds to the decor of your home or workspace but also brings prosperity and good fortune. This idol is a must-have for anyone who wishes to create a spiritual and harmonious environment in their living space. With its intricate design and quality material, it is a valuable addition to any collection of spiritual or decorative items.


This statue is made up of Resin and has an Antique finish.


L x B x H – 10 cm x 12.5 cm x 25 cm