Wedding return gifts ideas

12 Wedding Return Gifts Ideas

Ahhh, and it's the season of weddings again. What a joyous occasion? Two hearts coming together, families uniting, a new family created.

Weddings are a cause of celebration across the planet, but it might mean just a tad more to Indians, don't you agree?

With the colours, the events, the flowers, the stage, the prayers, and chants, we know how to throw a wedding. And there is no argument that is valid on that front.

If you have had the pleasure of ever being one of the foremost in conducting a wedding, you know the number of intricacies that play a part in staging a wedding.

The enormous occasion surely deserves a gift from the special couple. And the choice is not something that the twenty-first century lacks. The market is open to an array of spectacular gifts that you could choose from to present as wedding return gifts.

What could be more fitting on this auspicious day than gifting the guests something that allows them to relish the new beginning in an aura filled with goodness and blessings? The best return gifts for wedding need to be special and useful simultaneously.

Therefore, the wedding return gift ideas include those items that shower your gratitude, well-wishes, and care. We have a list of the best Indian wedding return gifts for guests ideas in this article.

We feel nothing can beat a good old religious idol of a revered deity or something similar. It conveys wishes and blessings and can be placed in the Pooja room.

What can be a Perfect Return Gifts for Wedding?

Weddings have everyone's spirits up, the taste of joy in the air.

The stage, the lights, the decoration, the bride, the groom, and the family's beaming faces all collide into one big beautiful picture.

And to be a part of any wedding makes it one of the days in your life that you don't ever forget.

And your gift ensures that this happy day will become happier still. And the best Hindu wedding return gifts for marriage are given below on a platter for you to pick from.

Make your near and dear joyous with the best return gifts for wedding.

12 Wedding Return Gifts Ideas you Should Buy

1. Gold & Silver Plated Tirupati Idol

A classic, you can never go wrong with Lord Vishnu, the universe's protector.

One of his famous avatars in the form of Lord Tirupati. Known across the world, a statue of a gold and silver Tirupati idol would be a gracious gift that would bring good things into the house of the devotees and protect them.

Gold and silver-plated Tirupati idol would also last a long time due to the premium materials and look regal in the Pooja room.

Bring Lord Venkateswara's Blessings Home -

2. Lord Krishna Idol

indian wedding return gifts for guests ideas

A deity is found in almost all the Hindu households, and Lord Krishna makes his abode in all of our homes. The Lord Krishna idols have different forms and variations.

We suggest that you get a car dashboard idol of Lord Krishna with flute where his hands and flute are visible. This is so because Krishna is the God of Love, the embodiment of heavenly love.

And heavenly love manifests itself in man by penetrating and filling his entire existence.

As a result, the flute is considered to represent a human heart, and a hollowed-out heart becomes a flute for the God of Love to play on.

Add a Touch of Lord Krishna's Soothing Present -

3. Bal Krishna having Makhan Idol

Lord Krishna is, in essence, a symbol of life's highest beauty and happiness. He is a symbol of wealth, beauty, and joy. He teaches us how to live our yoga, which is remaining in union with God.

And Bal Krishna refers to Lord Krishna as a child, my apologies, a divine child. Presenting the guests with a Bal Krishna idol symbolises goodwill and new beginnings.

Gift Child Krishna's Playful Spirit -

4. Balaji Pocket Temple

Balaji pocket temple is one of the greatest gifts you could present whether it is for wedding or a gift for naming ceremony.

An elegant wooden box is inlaid with the statue of Lord Balaji, with goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi.

The lower portion of the wooden pocket temple contains the Sangu and chakram, the symbols of lord balaji, and an engraving of his feet in gold.

This Balaji pocket temple is an efficient and beautiful artifact to have in one's home.

5. Lord Krishna Flute and Feather

We have already established that Lord Krishna embodies beauty and joy. An idol of Lord Krishna flute and feather symbolises several things.

His flute was taken as a token of heart, and the feather denotes purity, beauty, and the shades of human life. The different tones in the feather stand for human emotions and their different symbolisms.

6. Lord Shiva Murti Silver Plated

The big question everyone ask is can you keep shiva idol at home? Yes, you can but you have to follow rites and rules while worshipping lord shiva.

Lord Shiva is perhaps one of the most powerful Hindu Gods, the literal destroyer of the universe, and Lord Shiva takes life in several forms.

One of the most potent of his avatars is Lord Shiva's Idol, a form that represents Lord Shiva cross-legged with the moona and Goddess Ganga perched on his head.

He appears to be meditating. This silver-plated lord shiva idol would make the perfect Hindu wedding return gifts for marriage.

Offer Lord Shiva's Protective Presence -

7. Hanuman Idol Gold Coated

A trusted companion of Lord Rama, one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu, no version of history fails to call Lord Hanuman anything other than loyal and worshipful.

A Hanuman idol that is gold coated would be the perfect addition to the couple's pooja room. The God of Wisdom, Strength, Courage, Devotion, and Self-Discipline, a Hanuman idol, is yet another must-given gift on this list.

Bring the Protective Forces of Lord Hanuman In Life -

8. Vastu Trunk for Good Luck

A pair of vastu trunk idol on either side of the door is thought to bring good luck and benefits to the household.

In this case, the trunks should be elevated as a trumpeting symbol to bring good fortune into the house. Inside your front door/entrance, a pair of elephants also represents riches and success in their job.

This would also make for a unique wedding return gift idea.

Gift Mythic Serenity with Divine Elephant's statue -

9. Wish Granting Kamdhenu Cow with Calf

Placing a figurine of the wish granting Kamdhenu cow in your home, wherein the wish-fulfilling cow is joined by her calf, Nandini, is said to bring prosperity, success, and an overall feeling of well-being in addition to satisfying your wishes, according to Vastu beliefs.

You and your family would highly appreciate this beautiful gift.

10. Ganesha in Modak

Lord Ganesha, the most powerful entity in the Hindu domain, remains one of the most well-known figures in Indian mythology.

Placed at the heart and center of every auspicious occasion, this Ganesh modak idol is considered a symbol of a good beginning. It can always be found at the forefront of an auspicious occasion.

Modak happens to be Lord Ganesha's favorite food item, and a Ganesha murti with modak symbolises new and blessed beginnings.

This beautiful ganesha in modak idol is a perfect gift for naming ceremony of a child and can be presented as good luck gift for wedding ceremony.

11. Sai Baba Pocket Temple

Sai Baba remains one of the most popular figures in Hindu mythology and a constant in almost all households.

A Sai baba pocket temple is a beautiful piece of an artifact made of a wooden box containing a gold-plated Sai Baba engraving.

The lower half of the wooden box includes positive messages inscribed that bring happiness and hope to those who read it.

This sai baba pocket temple remains one of the must have things to keep in pooja room while chanting sai baba's mantras for good luck and prosperity.

12. Four Arm Ganesha Idol

Four arm Ganesha is revered as a remover of impediments and a bringer of good luck, prosperity, and health.

Hindu traditions explain how his hybrid physique, an elephant's head with just a single tusk and a child's torso with a swollen belly, came to be.

The four arm Ganesha idol for car dashboard oozes power and regality and is sure to make for an amazing car warming and wedding return gift.


Wedding return gifts are special and make the wedding memorable. We have provided some popular and well-loved wedding return gift ideas that we hope will help you.

We wish you all happiness and well-wishes.

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