can we keep shiva statue at home

Can We Keep Shiva Statue at Home

Having a Shiva sculpture in your house is a choice to provide strength to our life. If you believe that having a Shiva statue in the household confuses you, you are mistaken.

His presence implies the inflow of optimistic thoughts into the household that is why Lord shiva statue also considered as great return gift for wedding ceremony and naming ceremony to be given to the guest.

Lord Shiva's status as the deity of both formation and ruination indicates that he wields enormous strength. Then there's the question of where to place the Lord Shiva Idol in the household and can we keep the Shiva statute at home?

Before installing the great spirit of Mahadev and without disrupting spirits released by the Holy Shiva Sculpture, there are a few things that everyone must bear in a note.

Before putting an adiyogi idol in your home, you must first understand and recognise Shiva's power. Contrary, the sculpture will bring an imbalance of power into your household.

It's often suggested that the shiva idol should be placed in homes instead of businesses. Do some people ask if they can keep shiva statue at home?

So, they can keep it according to their profession. The Ganesha idols are the finest option for working places.

History of Lord Shiva

can we keep shiva statue at home

Hindus believe in three prominent spirits: Shiva, Parvati, and Vishnu. Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Preserver, and Shiva, the Destroyer, make up this spiritual trinity.

Shiva's strength is meant to clear the way for beneficial spirits by annihilating bad ones. This gives rise to the future globe's beginning.

Shiva is thought to be a well-known meditation practitioner who abhors worldly delights. Notwithstanding this, he is often known for being the master of demons and demonic spirits.

As Mahadev performs the Tandav just after a time of life, his dance powers fit into his broader role as that of the Destruction of the Universe. 

This infuriated tandav dance is performed on purpose for him to blow up the universe and start afresh.

The Symbolism of Lord Shiva

shiva idol for pooja room

Shiva can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Shiva is the god of both heaven and hell, as well as one's ideas.

The blue-coloured complexion he acquired when swallowing poisoning from the seawater at Samudra Manthan to protect the entire planet is among the greatest striking representations.

Humans can also see shiva wearing a snake around his shoulder, which symbolises his control over the country's threats.

Many argue that the snake represents the ability of shedding, which depicts how the universe transforms into a different formation for every new era.

On his face, Shiva has a third vision that represents both rage and knowledge. Mahadev is also frequently shown wielding a triangle or trishul and dumroo to demonstrate the triumvirate's power.

Shiva's major role in the Hinduism triad is about the Destruction, but with the ability to create sitting on most of his multiple hats, it's no wonder that he carries countless various shapes and favours many diverse aspects of the Hindu lifestyle.

Shaivite tradition believes that Shiva is invincible and that no one can defeat him. His multifaceted nature and immense power make him a revered figure in Hinduism, capable of both creation and destruction.

Bring the blessings of Lord Shiva in your life with these idols -

Can We Keep Shiva Idol at Home?

mahadev murti for home

If someone is asking if one can have a Mahadev idol at the house, the reply to that is yes one can keep the lord shiva idol at home because we have the freedom to possess whatever we choose. 

If you're asking if this is appropriate to have a Shiva idol in your household, the obvious response is – yes and everyone can.

Recognising the values that a sculpture can express is essential to retaining this devotion so that it doesn't change the flow of energy that Shiva idols, especially, emanate. This isn't even taking into account the statue's best location and maintenance. 

So, if anyone wants to keep the Shiva idol at home he or she can but with all respect and values.

Where to Place the Shiva Idol at Home?

When displaying the Shiva sculpture in the household, take into consideration that shiva idol should never be placed near the bedsides or the laundry racks.

Installing the shiva statue is like introducing a powerful and dynamic spirit. Setup should be performed in Puja halls according to Hindu tradition, with careful attention to the points of location.

Puja halls are usually erected in the northeastern part of the home in the Hindu religion, which is indeed a good spot for the Mahadev sculpture.

We hardly shift the location of our puja area on the spur of the moment. What matters is that we recognise and trust in the spirit, regardless of wherever the sculpture is placed.

Faith in your actions generates positive energy in the environment.

When acquiring a Shiva idol, try lord's mudra-sitting or Mahadev's mudra-dancing. The meditating Mahadev, i.e., the peaceful yet strong avatar of Shiva, is depicted in the seated Shiva sculpture.

The surge of power is symbolised by Shiva dancing. Shiva in this incarnation is thought to be far more powerful and aggressive.

A person can select a sculpture based on the Shiva power's compatibility with the surrounding environment.

Rules to Remember While Placing Shiva Idol at Home

- Shiva is both a source of calm and a source of rage; Mahadev is the heavenly energy that can create or demolish the entire planet. Shiva significance is a crucial factor to consider when putting a Shiva idol , as per the Religion. When placing his statue at the house, it's critical to understand the functions of each of his aspects.

- While attempting anything, one must be aware of the mudras. The Mahadev idol in mediation is quiet and much more tranquil than the dancing Mahadev idol. The intensive aspect of shiva is symbolised by the dancing shape. The selected idol must be compatible with the spirit of the home and the ones who live there.

- According to Hinduism, Shiva idol should be placed in the northeast corner of your home. Because this border is called the 'Ishan corner,' it's often regarded as the ideal location for establishing a puja hall. The deity's sculpture can be placed on the shrine table, in which no figure is more similar to Shiva's. Place the sculpture away from the bottom of your bedroom and away from the laundry.

- Following the installation of the idol, certain pooja rites must be followed along with the essential things to keep in pooja room. Just one idol must be placed on the shrine table, and that shall be washed regularly. The greatest day to execute specific rites to make Mahadev satisfied is Monday, according to legend. Day after day, worship and chanting are advised, to stay the optimistic energy in the house.

        How to Worship Lord Shiva?

        If you purchase Mahadev murti for home then make sure that every day, at the house, say a daily Shiva puja at the beginning of daytime and sunset. 

        As a devotion put incense sticks near the idol. Several times chant "Namah Shiva." It is traditional to serve the Almighty, milk or any treat milk based on Mondays.

        If it doesn't appeal to you, consider adding an idol to your car dashboard or spend some time praying next to your temple. While worshipping Mahadev murti at home, you must adore Lord Ganesha idol too.

        In the process of praying and devotion, Lord Ganesha is thought to wipe out any obstructions.


        As you may have guessed by now, knowing the power that is appropriate for a particular area is a very crucial aspect when it regards Shiva sculptures. Decide cautiously and stick with your gut instincts.

        Once you've had the shiva sculpture in your house, respect shiva statue like any other precious idol. You can not make any mistake if you know everything.

        To keep the Shiva idol at home is not a joke. But, it is a good thing to keep the Shiva idol for pooja room.

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