ganesh idol should face which direction

Ganesh Idol Should Face Which Direction?

Though this Hindu deity of happiness and prosperity and the destroyer of barriers, Lord Ganesha remains highly respected.

He is worshipped at the start of festivities and positive acts because Ganesha is a renowned Hindu lord of glory days.

The Vighneshvara, meaning obstacle-remover, is God Ganesha (Vighna). As a result, before starting something fresh, people frequently chant Lord Ganesha.

So, it is believed from ancient times that before beginning any new activity, whether long term or short term, Lord Ganesha idol is to be kept in pooja room and be worshipped then they're set in the proper location following ancient beliefs. It is an important question that Ganesh idols should face in which direction.

Which Direction Should Ganesh Idol Face in Home?

ganesh idol facing direction in home

Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand where to place Lord Ganesha Murti in your house, because doing so at the correct moment and position could undoubtedly impact your luck.

One should be aware of the following tips to achieve the greatest level of tranquility and good fortune.

- So the northeast corner of the house is thought to be the ideal location for praying. If it's not possible, position the idols facing north and west. The north seems to be the most appropriate because Lord Shiva, the spiritual parent of Ganesha, resides there.

- When there isn't a designated space for prayer, and you decide to set shrines in your living area, make sure they have been on the northeast side, and watch out for your feet when you're resting.

- Ganesha statues don't require a set dimension and should be positioned, so they are easily seen in the Pooja (worship) cabinet, as per Vastu studies, an ancient Hindu design method. Every idol should be positioned so that it is easy to see them and the follower can see them properly.

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      Places to Avoid While Placing Ganesh Idol for Office or Home

      The placement of idols at home or Ganesha idols for offices requires extra caution and consideration of a few guidelines.

      - Don't ever install Ganesha statues elsewhere in the south or southeast since those locations are ruled by "Yama" as well as "Agni," alternately. One should not receive God Ganesha's graces if they erect statues in these locations. Also, the pooja (worship) space shouldn't face southeast.

      - Idols shouldn't be positioned beneath the stairs because that's not a good place to pray; even Vastu research supports this.

      - Another thing to consider is the distance of such statues from the drains (restrooms). If the deity is stored in a temple (worship) hall, the room shouldn't be next to or directly across from bathrooms. Idols also shouldn't be preserved on or near toilet corners.

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            Where To Place Ganesh Idol In Office or Home

            Hinduism holds that it is crucial to make good maintenance of such an idol and thus its nearby area in addition to placing all that in a suitable location.

            - It's often thought that Ganesha prefers the colour red.

            - Set the idol upon the tiny panel or desk made of wood wrapped with crimson fabric.

            - Add decorations, ribbons, and other decorative elements (accessories)

            - Maintain careful control of the idol and constantly mop it, preferably with fresh water from the Ganges River, which is said to be special.

                  Which Ganesha Idol is Good for Office or Home

                  - The greatest Ganesha statue among them is reportedly constructed of peepal, neem plant wood, and cow manure. It is added: "that a Ganesha idol crafted of them can bring success and drive away all types of evil karma from the household.

                  - White and turmeric-coloured Ganesha idols are regarded as being very fortunate.

                  - A gemstone Ganesha statue is also acceptable for removing Vastu dosh and bringing prosperity.

                  - An idol of Ganesha made of silver is thought to bestow success and honour in the way of life.

                  - The wooden Ganesha idol is thought to encourage wellness. People with chronic illnesses ought to retain such an idol.

                  - Quick, long-lasting happiness is brought by Metal Ganesha.

                  - The Vigneshwara Ganesha statue is ideal for those who have spent their lives searching for joy, tranquillity, and wealth.

                  Also, take care that an idol of Shri Ganesha in the resting posture is ideal for praying to Shri Ganesha at the house.

                  The Shri Ganesha deity, also called that of the lalitasana, confers a tranquil, harmonious, and prosperous home atmosphere.

                  The seated Shri Ganesha idol represents every form of beauty and fortune. Businesspersons benefit most from such an idol.


                  Hence, from the points mentioned above, it is clear how important it is to take care of the details and locations when you keep Lord Ganesha's idol at your Home.

                  So keep in mind all these points before purchasing any idol because it would be good for you when you put the best Ganesha idol at your Home or office.

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