Story Of Mohini Avatar Of Vishnu

Story Of Mohini Avatar Of Vishnu | Only Female Avatar Of Vishnu

We all know about the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu, the Protector of the Universe, is hailed in stories passed down through generations. 

Lord Vishnu's Idol depicts four arms holding symbols of divinity, power, and protection. But, little has been said about Mohini. The only female avatar that Lord Vishnu had taken.

Everyone has heard of the name Mohini, but little is known about the occurrence and the story behind the Mohini avatar of Vishnu.

Being the only female avatar Lord Vishnu has taken, the Mohini Avatar is one of the fascinating incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the preserver and protector in Hindu mythology.

The story of Mohini Avatar of lord Vishnu revolves around the divine enchantress, Mohini, who was an embodiment of grace, beauty, and unparalleled charm.

Mohini | The Female Avatar of Vishnu Story

The Female Avatar of Vishnu Story

Origin of Mohini Avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism

The Mohini Avatar of lord Vishnu is portrayed as a captivating form of Lord Vishnu, who appears in Hindu mythology to protect the universe.

In the beginning, Mohini was usually depicted as a beautiful woman who held the powers of captivation through her charm. Alas, the true story was changed, expanded, and re-interpreted in several different scriptures.

With the passage of time, Mohini was depicted as an illusion or a manifestation of Lord Vishnu and his divine powers.

During the tenth century, an extended depiction of Mohini Vishnu was seen in the pages of Shrumad Bhagavatam, the sacred text, where Mohini was officially portrayed as the avatar of Lord Vishnu.

The word Mohini is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit word that is used to refer to personified delusion, which served as fitting considering the absurd beauty and allure that Mohini is believed to have possessed.

The word is used to captivate, confuse, or delude any being. And in a few regions of our country, Mohini is considered Goddess Mahalasa Narayani. This version of her is portrayed holding various symbols and weapons in her four arms.

The story of the Mohini avatar serves as a lesson in the allure and mystical fantasy that this divine being embodied. And as a caution against it.

Known Legends Of Goddess Mohini

history of lord vishnu in mohini avatar

1. Samudra Manthan Story

The Hindu classic Mahabharata talks about the Samudra Manthan in the 5th century BCE. This is the first time Mohini is mentioned. The Ocean of Milk is churned to make the pot of Amrita, which as we believe is the source of life.

The demi-gods and devils fight over who gets to own it. The Asuras set up the situation so that they can keep the Amrita for themselves.

This makes the Devas very angry. Lord Vishnu takes the form of the most beautiful woman in the world, Mohini, to stop the demons' evil plans.

She uses the power of seduction and her alluring charm to trick the Asuras into giving her the nectar, which she then gives to the Devas. An Asura named Rahu dresses up as a Deva and tries to drink some nectar.

Surya, the Sun God, and Chandra, the Moon God, told Lord Vishnu right away. Lord Vishnu then used the Sudarshana Chakra to cut Rahu's head off, leaving the head alive forever.

2. Slayers Of Asuras

Bhasmasura was an evil demon who wanted to be the most powerful and strongest Asura ever. He started a penance to make Lord Shiva happy and attain what he sought.

Bhasmasura spent an extraordinarily long time praying. Greatly pleased with how devoted he was, Lord Shiva told him he could ask for any boon he wanted.

Bhasmasura asked to be given the power to live forever. But Lord Shiva told him that he could not make him live forever. Bhasmasura then asked him to give him the power to turn someone's head into ashes if he touched it.

Lord Shiva gave him this gift, but he knew right away he had made a big mistake when Bhasmasura wanted to test his skills on the god himself. Lord Shiva ran away from the place while Bhasmasura chased after him.

This is when Mohini, Lord Vishnu's female form. She showed up as a beautiful woman, and the Bhasmasural was too taken with her to keep going. Mohini tried to get him to join her in a dance competition.

She put her hand on her head as a dance move, which Bhasmasura copied. The demon turned to ash right away because of the boon.

Another story says that Mohini is thought to have helped kill Virochana. Virchona was blessed with a crown that would keep him safe from all harm.

Virochana was then tricked into falling in love with Mohini, and she steals his crown. Lord Vishnu was able to kill the monster because it had no way to defend itself.

In another story, Araka, an Asura, is talked about. Mohini is linked to Lord Krishna in the story, not to Lord Vishnu. Since Araka had taken a vow of chastity and never even looked at a woman, he had become too strong.

Then, Lord Krishna takes the form of the beautiful Mohini and gets married to him. Three days after the wedding, Araka's promise to stay pure is broken, and Lord Krishna is able to kill him in battle.

3. Mohini And Lord Shiva Bonding

According to many Hindu books and Puranas, Lord Shiva and Mohini, who was Lord Vishnu in a female form, got married and had a son named Lord Ayyappa.

People call him by different names in different places in India, such as Mahashasta.

People think that Sastava, Manikandan, etc. are reincarnations of Dharma Shasta, who is thought to be the child of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Most of the time, Lord Ayyappa is shown in a yoga pose with a jewel around his neck. So, people call him Manikandan, which means "with a bell around the neck."


The legend of the Mohini avatar of Vishnu, the female form of Lord Vishnu, is a fascinating and interesting one. People have been enchanted by Mohini's beauty and spiritual presence for hundreds of years.

As the stories about Mohini spread and changed, she became a symbol of illusion, divine power, and safety.

Mohini is important not only because of how beautiful she is, but also because of the greater lessons her stories teach. Mohini shows us how important it is to be smart and watchful when dealing with lies and bad things.

She is a symbol of the idea that with knowledge and the help of a higher power, even the most alluring illusions can be broken.

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