Krishna And Sudama epic tale

Krishna And Sudama | Epic Tale Of True Friendship And Humbleness

Lord Krishna's tales are legendary - from his childhood pranks to battlefield wisdom. Lord Krishna's idols depict varied facets - playful cowherd, wise advisor, compassionate friend.

But perhaps, one of his sweetest tales can be ascribed to that of Krishna and Sudama, an epic tale of friendship and humbleness.

Our culture regards friendship as a high point and Lord Krishna starting from his childhood was seen helping, saving, and being around his friends.

His love for his friends was a truly ethereal bond and one such famous legend is that of Krishna and Sudama. Spoken to date as an example of friendship, the story of these two friends stood strong the test of time and fate.

Krishna And Sudama's Story of True Friendship

Who Was Sudama?

who was sudama?

Krishna and Sudama were friends since they were young. Both of them learned from the same teacher and were best friends.

While they had promised each other to be in touch after they were done with school, they had to part ways owing to time.

Years later, after krishna left vrindavan, He became the king of Dwaraka and married Rukmini. Sudama, on the other hand, became a pandit and married a girl whose parents chose for him.

Sudama was in great despair as he was poverty-stricken and could not support his family. Due to his ailing body, he could not work to feed them either. The days didn't treat him well.

Knowing the seriousness of their situation, Sudama’s wife said that he should ask Lord Krishna for help.

Sudama, however, was hesitant as he was not the type of person to ask a friend for help. Even though he didn't want to, he chose to go.

Lord Krishna And Sudama Childhood Friendship

The famous story about Lord Krishna and his childhood friend Sudama teaches us the true meaning of friendship. Sudama was a poor man living with his wife, struggling to make ends meet.

When they were at their worst, Sudama's wife suggested he visit Lord Krishna, who was then a king, to seek help.

Sudama hesitated, feeling uncomfortable about his poverty. However, his wife convinced him that Krishna was a kind king and would definitely help them.

Sudama's Journey To Dwaraka

krishna and sudama friendship

Sudama embarked on the journey to Krishna's palace, carrying a small bag with the last bit of rice as a humble offering.

When he reached the palace gates, the guards were skeptical of his identity, but they informed Lord Krishna about his old friend Sudama.

Upon hearing this, Lord Krishna rushed to embrace Sudama, his oldest friend. He noticed Sudama's bleeding feet, as he had walked barefoot due to his poverty.

Once inside the palace, Krishna insisted that Sudama sits on his throne and personally washed his feet.

Joyfully, Lord Krishna asked Sudama what gift he had brought for him. Sudama showed the small bag of rice, explaining that it was all he could offer.

Lord Krishna, aware of Sudama's circumstances, ecstatically started eating the rice. After consuming two handfuls, Lord Krishna's wife, Rukmini, intervened and suggested that he leave some for the others.

Aftermath of Sudama and Krishna's Reunion

After the visit, Sudama returned home, worried about his future and how his wife would react. To his astonishment, he found that his humble hut had transformed into a magnificent palace.

Lord Krishna, without any request, had bestowed great wealth upon Sudama while he was enjoying the rice.

Each handful of rice represented the wealth of different realms, signifying Krishna's desire to make Sudama the lord of two worlds. He wanted to give him the third world as well.


The story of Krishna and Sudama shows very well what real friendships are all about. Even though time had passed and their lives were different, they were still close and remembered their bond.

When Sudama came to see Krishna, he was so happy that he hugged him with love and kindness. Even though Sudama's gift was small, Krishna loved it.

This touching story shows us that true friendship is more important than money and that acts of kindness and humility can change people's lives.

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