The 6 Brothers of Ravana

The 6 Brothers of Ravana | Heroes, Villains, or Something More?

In the mystical land of ancient India, amidst a timeless tale of valor and righteousness, a name echoes through the ages—Ravana, the embodiment of both power and darkness.

A land that cherished mighty and just warriors, hailed the fair man, and burnt the evil, a land where noble men ruled, and evil was always conquered; there are stories about the men drunk with power, told down generations as a warning.

With ten heads, each brimming with intellect and ambition, Ravana ruled the mighty kingdom of Lanka. But his insatiable thirst for dominance led him to clash with Prince Rama.

Everybody knows about Ramayana, the great novel that chronicles the epic struggle against Ravana by Lord Rama.

The saga of Ravana and Ramayana remains etched in the hearts of humanity, a timeless reminder of the battles we all face within ourselves, with Ravana's sister acting as the match that starts the forest fire.

However, the six brothers of Ravana are often now much discussed, and this article delves into the 6 brothers of Ravana and their stories. Were they heroes or villains? Or something else beyond?

Ravana's Origin Story

One of the greatest epics in the whole of Indian mythology lies the enigmatic tale of Ravana, a figure born from celestial lineage. Legend whispers that he emerged from the union of a powerful sage and a mystical being.

From birth, he was destined to wield immense power and intellect, blessed with ten heads that symbolized his immense knowledge and mastery over the world.

As he grew, Ravana's brilliance flourished, but so did his ambition. His insatiable hunger for supremacy turned him towards performing unimaginable penances, earning him boons from the gods. Thus, the demon king of Lanka was born.

Yet, in the grand tapestry of fate, Ravana's thirst for dominion would clash with the righteous avatar, Lord Rama. Thus began the timeless battle of good versus evil, forever etching Ravana's name in the annals of history.

The 6 Brothers of Ravana

1. Kumbhakarna

Kumbhakarna ravana’s big brother

In the grand tale of Ramayana, amidst the swirling mists of wonder, there emerges the colossal figure of Kumbhakarna. Kumbhakarna was the younger brother of Ravana.

Towering like a mountain, he was the brother of the fearsome demon king, Ravana. But while Ravana thirsted for power, Kumbhakarna longed for eternal slumber.

Kumbhakarna was blessed with a boon from Lord Brahma. Instead of asking for Nirdevatvam, which refers to the ceasing of Devas, he asked for Nidravatvam, which is eternal sleep, as he was awe-struck by the presence of Goddess Saraswati.

Cursed with an insatiable appetite, he slept for six long months at a time, only to awaken ravenous and ready for battle.

Kumbhakarna's loyalty to his brother prevailed despite his immense strength, leading him to stand against the righteous Prince Rama. Kumbhakarna's awe-inspiring might become a formidable force, forever etching his name into the annals of myth as a creature torn between dreams and destiny.

2. Vibhishana

vibishana brother of rama who helped rama

Ravana's younger brother was named Vibhishana. He was a man of outstanding virtue and devotion to Lord Shri Ram.

He played a pivotal role in the Hindu classic Ramayana. Vibhishana is often referred to as the virtuous brother of the demon king, Ravana.

Though born into a world steeped in malice, his heart remained pure. In the face of his brother's malevolence, Vibhishana chose righteousness and allied himself with the noble Prince Rama.

Casting aside the comforts of power, he became a beacon of hope in a world consumed by chaos.

With unwavering resolve, Vibhishana stood as a symbol of redemption, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, a flicker of light can guide us toward a path of righteousness.

3. Vaishravana (Lord Kuber)

Vaishravana ravana brothers

Vaishravana, also known as Kuber, was the elder half-brother of Ravana. Kuber and Ravana were born to the same father from different mothers.

Lord Kuber is revered as the ruler of the Northern Direction and ruled over Lanka before being defeated by Ravana.

Vaishravana is known as the Guardian of Heavenly Wealth. Lord Brahma had granted him a boon that made Lord Kuber the watcher of wealth.

4. Ahiravana

Ahiravana ravana's brother

Another name uttered with both dread and fascination in equal measure is Ahiravana, a formidable and enigmatic figure.

Born of darkness and shadow, he was a master of dark arts and the ruler of the Underworld.

Ahiravana, with his sinister charm and cunning, possessed the ability to unleash unspeakable terrors upon the world.

In the battle between Rama and Ravana, he is shown as a secret weapon who aids in abducting Lord Hanuman.

Ahiravana's malevolence knew no bounds as he plotted to shut off the reign of righteousness.

5. Khara

Khara ravana's brother

Khara is another brother of Ravana, believed to have resided in forests amidst darkness and chaos.

Khara was the king of Janasthan, a country in the north of the island of Sri Lanka.

A ruthless demon lord known for his evil nature, he commanded an army of bloodthirsty rakshasas, ready to unleash havoc upon the world.

Khara's name struck fear into the hearts of all who heard it, for his cruelty knew no bounds. He reveled in chaos, tormenting innocent beings and disrupting the balance of nature.

Khara stood against Lord Rama, his every strike infused with malevolence. But as always, righteousness prevails, and Khara's reign of terror met its inevitable end.

6. Dushana

Dushana ravana's brother

Dushana was a demon of malevolence. People shook at the mere mention of his name, and legends show him with eyes that glimmered with a wicked gleam as he had taken pleasure in sowing seeds of chaos and misery wherever he had ventured.

The mere presence of Dushana was considered to be ominous, and he left behind a path of destruction. He wrought destruction upon the innocent with his evil powers, causing agony to reverberate throughout the realm.

However, when Lord Rama confronted him, Dushana's twisted powers failed to stand against the victory of good over evil.


While the tale of Ramayana is not new to us, we tend to forget the hundreds of characters and elements that added up to make this epic novel.

The ultimate legend of good triumphing over evil, Ramayana also teaches us that the good in living beings need not necessarily originate from good places. And the siblings of Ravana stand as examples of the same.

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