Things to keep in pooja room for good luck

Things to keep in Pooja Room for Good Luck

A pooja room seems necessary for experiencing the feeling of being protected by God's ubiquitous presence.

A pooja room has become a continuous source of positivity in daily life, a house where hope might be realized. 

In India, a pooja room is believed to be one of the most important places in a household that should be kept clean and decent.

Its significance is because it has a powerful link with the holy, though whoever arrives can sense. However, due to space limits and smaller apartments, we must compromise crucial pooja room necessities.

It's possible that being unaware of such things could bring you terrible luck. So to avoid this, there are certain things to keep in the pooja room for good luck.

A list of Things to Keep in the Pooja Room for Good luck are :

- First and foremost, one should keep one or two lamps or candles in the pooja room, and those lamps or candles should always be lit.

- You can keep a simple altar from any metal, but it is preferable to keep silver or gold. And keep in mind that that altar is only used for pooja and not any other things.

- If you keep an idol or picture or pocket temple of your special Idol in the pooja room, it will be good for your home because they are believed to grant all requests and make existence easier for their worshippers.

- A bell is often used to welcome the divine and is placed amid pooja. This brings positive energy into the house.

- You can make or plant a Tulsi Vrindavan to keep safe and bring peace. These are effortlessly accessible online or at any spiritual shop in your region.

- If you wish to maintain a little stool inside your pooja room, you can. But you have to make sure that stool is only used for pooja purposes and not for any other purposes.

- Put a little shelf in the pooja room where you can store deities and photos that you gather through time. This will work to have a more appealing appearance for guests to your home.

- Put a Bhagavad Gita inside the pooja room to make you feel fortunate and assist you in doing good actions! These are effortlessly available online or at any spiritual store in your region.

- Keep holy ash, recognised for its purifying strengths, can be purchased at any spiritual shop. If you are unable to locate it, another possibility is Vibhuti.

- Flowers should be kept in the pooja area since they aid in radiating peace. They also ensure that the space has a pleasant and refreshing odor.

- Placing Laxmi Charan Paduka, the auspicious feet of Goddess Laxmi, also brings prosperity and abundance into one's home. Their ideal placement in the pooja room can help unlock the full benefits of prosperity.

- If you have a little statue of Lord Hanuman in your pooja room, the Idol will allow you to gain power and confidence while also removing evil energy from your home! This is useful when there are children there who require assistance with concentrating on their schoolwork or with whatever else they may be facing at the time.

- Keep a tiny statue of Lord Shiva in your pooja room because they are believed to enhance happiness and keep bad energy out of the household! This is ideal for anybody who wants guidance and keeps optimistic at the workplace or in general.

    Important Things to Keep in the Pooja Rooms

    According to Vastu, several factors to consider when creating a pooja room. These factors cover the puja room's dimensions, the materials utilised, the roof design, lamps, etc.

    The deity should be built big enough to be aligned with your chest. Make sure that the Idol is never down and on the ground.

    When you keep the idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi inside the temple, always keep lord Ganesh's Idol on the left side of Goddess Lakshmi's as you can see in this Ganesh Laxmi Silver Plated Murti Set.

    You also need to ensure that the idols are facing either the north or the west and under circumstances should be facing the south.

    If you are worried about the vastu of the Ganesh and Laxmi idols in your temple, look at our article on the Ganesh Laxmi Murti position guide.

    These idols are the encouraging things to keep in the pooja room. You should keep Chowki in your pooja room and place all the idols on a Chowki, and they should not face each other.

    Here are the 5 things to keep in the pooja room

    1. Holy books of Idol

    arrange deities how to arrange god in pooja room

    You can keep the holy books on the walls of west and south and can also add dharmic Granths.

    Only keep sacred literature in the temple region that is recited daily. Keep ripped texts to a minimum.

    2. Idol Statues and Photos

    pooja room items list (Durga idol)

    You should keep pictures of God or idol statues according to the temple Vastu.

    Keep in mind that you should avoid the pictures of your family members, ancestors, or any deceased family members. It creates negative energy in the room's spirit.

    Idols and Statues that will look perfect for your home temple -

    3. Diya in the Pooja Room

    things to keep in pooja room

    It is believed that lighting a Diya will wipe out all the negative energy. According to the Vastu shastra, a diya should be placed to the right side of a person during the pooja.

    But if you want to leave the diya lit for a long time, glass-covered diyas are the way to go.

    4. Flowers

    auspicious things to keep in pooja room

    You must use real and fresh flowers in the pooja room. Stale flowers should be ignored, and should avoid using them.

    Flowers spread positivity and spread lovely fragrances. Pooja's room is incomplete without fresh flowers.

    5. Incense Sticks

    pooja room items list

    Placing incense sticks in the Pooja room is the best way to avoid negative energy. According to Vastu Shastra, it provides a peaceful atmosphere and promotes a healthy flow of spirits.

    Decorating Tips For Pooja Room

    things to keep in pooja room

    1. Pooja Room Vastu

    Might use pop patterns to embellish the shrine's ceiling. 

    To give the worship area more depth, you can use a chandelier light to accentuate the reflections and decorations. Gold-coloured paintwork and chimes can be used to decorate the ceiling.

    Paint the surface upon which the chapel is mounted if space allows. The use of backlit screens is becoming increasingly popular.

    To strengthen the spiritual aura, you can carve on the wall Sanskrit shlokas or a lotus design that would look more beautiful.

    Another alternative is to have the appealing decor in fortunate yellow or orange shades installed on the fence. These are the things to keep in the pooja room.

    If you're constructing a wooden shrine, keep in mind that the top of the pooja room does have a dome and that the entrance to the pooja hall has a gap.

    If the statue or image is injured, it should be replaced immediately, and damaged statues should never be kept in the shrine.

    According to the pooja room Vastu, 2 different doors are preferable. The Idol must not be placed right in front of the door in such instances.

    2. Pooja Room Vastu Ambience

    You can add some of the pooja room items lists that start from fresh flowers. Should use fresh flowers to beautify the shrine.

    Some vital items should be kept in the household pooja room for good fortune and optimism. 

    To purify the environment and produce a beautiful atmosphere, light a couple of scented lamps, dhoop, or incense sticks.

    Keep in mind that purity is paramount in such an environment. Cover the pictures or other deities in the shrine with a red fabric.

    According to the Hindu temple Vastu, the chime of the bell pushes negativity at bay. Decorate the ground with rangoli patterns to promote positive energy and happiness.

    You can keep or draw a swastika or OM idol on the sidewall of the northeast in the pooja room but not on the floor or ground. Make no fortunate patterns in your rangoli pattern on the ground.

    If there isn't enough surface inside the shrine, rangoli can be made on such a 'chowki' and placed nearby.

    3. Colours to Use in the Pooja Room

    Whites, light blues, and pastel yellow are all appropriate colors. In a puja room, one should avoid gloomy colours. Because those do not create a peaceful atmosphere in a temple.

    Don't ever apply black paint in the shrine region because it is against mandir Vastu.

    4. Storage usage of pooja room

    Should avoid Stuff you don't want to consume in the puja area.

    Make a little cabinet beside the altar to hold the five items that should be kept in the pooja area at home: incense, puja items, flowers, candles, and holy literature.

    Prevent storing unneeded objects or trash cans beneath the temple. Nothing should be kept just above gods.

    Moreover, to keep the water, you can use copper containers. The heads of deities should never be veiled with decorations and rose petals, as per pooja room Vastu.

    Therefore retain a strong sculpture of the deity in the shrine and prohibit hollow sculptures.

    5. Avoid Storing Impure things in the Pooja Room

    In addition to the previously specified goods, Leather is another unclean object. The religious room must not be covered with animal hide.

    Also, stay cash out of the pooja hall. Though it is not deemed unclean, saving cash in an area where you want serenity and prosperity is inappropriate.


    Having a specific space where you can rest and engage with the divine, regardless of your faith, is a fantastic concept. Furthermore, including a temple does not necessitate a large amount of space.

    Ensure that you properly construct the shrine and follow all of the previous paragraph guidelines for the architecture, style, and appearance of the space and the location of idols.

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