which idol is good for car dashboard?

Which Idol is Good for Car Dashboard?

If you grew up in a Desi family, you must be well-versed in the importance of religion. And that is understating it.

Every new object purchased must go through a compulsory inauguration ritual wherein it is hailed in front of the Lord and ultimately given a tilak for its extended life. And a car is no different.

Purchasing a car is no small deal. Before deciding, we run through every possible car available at the price we are looking for and catalog the differences in the features, pros, cons, and its ultimate worth.

The car is then driven over to the temple, a puja ensues, and only then do we start using the car in earnest.

And yet another step in this ritual is to get an idol for car dashboard to ensure safety of a car and to erase all negative energy surrounding your automobile.

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Which God Idol should be Kept in Car?

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There are many idols that can be placed on the car dashboard. Sai Baba Dashboard Idols, Krishna & Shiva Dashboard idols are all popular.

However, the most used and recommended idol that is placed on the car dashboard is the Ganpati Idol.

The Ganesh idol, Placed at the center of every auspicious and holy occasion, Lord Ganesha is also known by several other names Sukh Karta, Dukh Harta, Vighneswara, Bappa, Vinayaka, Pillayar, Mahodara, and Lambodara.

The names of Lord Ganesha vary depending on the locations of the Ganesh idol's millions of devotees.

The Ganesha statue is considered a symbol of a good start and can always be found at the forefront of an auspicious occasion. Lord Ganesha is one of the powerful entities in Hinduism in India and worldwide.

The story of this sweet-loving deity begins with Goddess Parvati asking Nandi, Shiva's faithful companion, to guard her home while she bathed.

Upon Lord Shiva's arrival, Nandi had let lord shiva in. This betrayal leads to Goddess Parvati designing her companion, thus giving birth to the existence of Lord Ganesha.

Goddess Parvati shaped and created Lord Ganesha with her own two hands to protect her by guarding the entrance to the house.

The little boy Ganesha was given strict instructions to allow no one inside the chambers and was further said to have been given a weapon for stopping anyone from entering her home.

Several gods tried to enter the abode with no luck. Eventually, Lord Shiva tried to enter but was not allowed to access his house.

Enraged by the audacity of the Ganesha to deny him entrance, Lord Shiva is said to have cut off the head of Lord Ganesha out of anger.

When Goddess Parvati finally arrived at the crime scene, she was shocked. Furious, Parvati is said to have turned to the devas and Lord Shiva to unleash her anger and grief, claiming the little boy lord shiva killed to have been her son.

She vowed to destroy all living beings. Shocked and repentant by Parvati's words, the gods set out to revive the little boy known as Ganesha.

All the devas were instructed by lord Shiva to bring back the head of the first creature they spotted and who was seen facing North, and that creature so happened to be an elephant.

Bringing the head back, Lord Shiva attached the elephant head to the boy's body, thus creating Lord Ganesha, as we all know.

All the Lords and devas blessed him to be the forefront god to be worshiped before starting any auspicious deed, thereby making him the perfect Idol to be placed on the dashboard.

Which Ganesha Idol is Good for a Car Dashboard?

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Well, that depends on what you prefer. There is no shortage of different types of Lord Ganesha idols to be found on the market.

You will find Idols such as the Dancing Ganesha, Modak Ganesha, Four-Armed Ganesha, Pagdi Ganesha etc. All of these are popular Ganesha Idols for a car dashboard and can be found on Svastika.

They come in all ranges, sizes, and types, starting from brass ones to marble ganesha idols to the good old metal alloy ones to gold plated ones.

Since the Idol in question here needs to be placed on the car dashboard, we suggest that you select lightweight idols so as not to apply any pressure on the car's dashboard.

The statues come in lieu of colors and designs with inbuilt lights that display a pretty picture. Choose the statue you find the most appealing.

Significance of having a Ganesh Idol on the Car Dashboard

Lord Ganesha is also known as 'Vighnaharta,' which means remover of barriers.'

When driving a car, it's crucial to have confidence that our journey to our goal will be free of problems or difficulties. That is exactly what Ganesha does.

Keeping a Ganesha idol on car dashboard ensures a safe voyage. Prayer of Lord Ganesha is also performed before starting a good work.

We use our automobiles, such as cars and bikes, to work, get the kids to school, or do a vital jobs. Therefore it's a means of worshipping Lord Ganesha at the start of the project. It's a way of knowing that they will accomplish their work and mission.

Benefits of Ganesh Idol on the Car Dashboard

As mortal humans, all we need is a sense of safety and security. And having the vighnaharta idol on car dashboard that is believed to prevent any bad obstacles is sure to help that is why these ganesha idols are often presented as return gifts for wedding ceremonies and Naming Cerenomies.

The car, a transport vessel, magically transforms into a safe space when we can look up and see the statue of Lord Ganesha guarding us. It is proven psychologically that having a tangible item relating to a positive feeling will help.

Lord Ganesh represents several positive things when you set or worship a Ganesh idol. He embodies positive energy, joy, enthusiasm, and positivism. Only if you remember his worth will he bless you.


We hope this blog was helpful for you to understand which god idol should be kept in the car and what are the benefits of keeping idols on the car dashboard.

And we made your decision easy to pick the right idols for the car dashboard without further confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be the trunk position of the Ganesha idol for the car dashboard?

Can find Ganesh idols in a variety of positions. The Ganesha in Lalitasana (sitting with one leg folded), the standing Ganesha, the dancing Ganesha, and the Ganesha in a resting position.

Because a dancing Ganesha usually portrays the dance of destruction, it is better to avoid the Dancing Ganesha position for the car. The reclining position, however attractive, should be avoided since it suggests a stance of rest rather than activity.

The standing Ganesha is not a bad choice, although it is more commonly employed as a sign of welcoming guests or clients at home or in offices. The finest pose for Ganesha is in a seated position that is both relaxing and soothing.

2. Can you use a gold-plated Ganesh idol on the car dashboard?

Absolutely. The gold-plated Ganesha statue is popular for its sheer beauty and visual appeal. And you can one hundred percent use a gold-plated Ganesha on your dashboard.

3. Can you keep two Ganesh idols on the car dashboard?

Unfortunately, the concept of the more, the merrier does not apply here. Remember not to place more than one Idol, as there should not be more than one Ganesha.

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