What is Shree Yantra? Benefits of Shree Yantra

What is Shree Yantra? Benefits of Shree Yantra

There exist several ways and methods in Hindu mythology that helps us during our times of need. As a culture that has uncountable gods, goddesses, and deities, we also have plenty of instruments that facilitate our worship of these deities and other specific problems.

Shree Yantra is a popular yantra that is auspiciously followed by devotees to achieve their desires.

The crux of the Shree Yantra is that most of life is unpredictable. Bad things happen to one with no prior warning, leaving us helpless in its wake!

In order to ensure that no clouds of negativity touch them, individuals can find solace and embrace a sense of peace and happiness through the practice of worshipping Shree Yantra.

When it comes to choosing the right Shree Yantra for your home, it is advisable to consult with an expert or a knowledgeable practitioner. They can guide you in selecting the Shree Yantra that resonates best with the energies of your home.

By incorporating the appropriate Shree Yantra, you can create a harmonious environment, shielding your home from negative influences and inviting positive vibrations that promote well-being and prosperity.

The Shree Yantra (also known as Sri Yantra or Shri Chakra) is a sacred geometric symbol in Hinduism and Tantric traditions.

It is a complex interlocking diagram formed by nine triangles that are arranged around a central point (bindu). The triangles are arranged in such a way that they form 43 smaller triangles within the larger triangles.

Meaning of Shree Yantra Symbol

meaning of shree yantra shree chakra yantra

In Hinduism and Tantric practices, the Shree Yantra represents much more than just a geometrical shape.

The Shree Yantra consists of nine interlocking triangles, each of which represents a different aspect of the cosmos (divine feminine and male forces).

Everything in the cosmos can be traced down to a single point (bindu), which represents the unmanifest, absolute reality.

The physical cosmos is represented by the outermost triangle, while the remaining triangles stand for other facets of creation, such as the elements, the senses, and the chakras.

It is thought that the Shree Yantra symbolises the ultimate purpose of human life: to achieve oneness with the divine. It has long been revered as a potent resource for material success, personal development, and enlightenment.

The Shree Yantra is a symbol representing the ultimate reality of existence and the interconnection of all things in the universe.

The Shree Yantra is considered a powerful tool for meditation and is believed to represent the union of masculine and feminine energies, the balance between spiritual and material worlds, and the connection between the individual and the cosmos.

It is also believed to help in attracting wealth, prosperity, and abundance, as well as in spiritual growth and enlightenment.

It is also used as a decorative element in many homes and temples. The Shree Yantra is considered one of the most auspicious and powerful Yantras in Hinduism.

Benefits of Shree Yantra

- The Shree Yantra is widely regarded as an effective method of attracting energy that lends itself in the form of money, prosperity, and abundance into one's life. Its power to attract wealth and prosperity from the cosmos is attributed to this ritual.

- The Shree Yantra is thought to promote harmony and balance in all areas of life by balancing the masculine and feminine forces inside the body and the universe.

- The Shree Yantra is revered as an effective means towards self-realisation and higher consciousness. It's supposed to let you connect with the divine and reach new heights of awareness.

- The Shree Yantra is thought to improve interpersonal connections by fostering mutual respect and bolstering loyalty amongst members of a group.

- The Shree Yantra is revered as a potent talisman for shielding its wearer from harmful influences.

- The Shree Yantra is a spiritual artifact thought to improve one's physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

            How to Activate Sri Yantra?

            The spiritual practice of activating the Shree Yantra entails the devotee’s absolute faith and devotion.

            The location of the puja plays a major role in worshipping the Shree Yantra. The puja and meditation should be done in a spot that is clean and quiet. The Shree Yantra should be oriented so that the East or North faces it.

            It is vital that the devotee cleanses his or her system. Before beginning the puja, make sure you've showered and are wearing clean clothes.

            Set the Shree Yantra down on a copper altar or a clean piece of fabric. Prepare the altar by lighting a candle and incense.

            You can show your gratitude and dedication to the Shree Yantra by making an offering of flowers, fruit, sweets, or anything else.

            While focusing on the Shree Yantra, chant mantras such as "Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalaleyi Praseed Praseed Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha."

            Close your eyes and picture the Shree Yantra inside your head. Look at the Bindu in the middle and the triangles around it. Experience the Yantra's vitality encompassing your whole being.

            Thank the Shree Yantra for its blessings, end the puja, and then take the offerings from the altar.

            How to Energise Shree Yantra?

            Purify the Shree Yantra by washing it in water or milk and drying it off with a clean cloth before energizing it.

            To energise the Shree Yantra, create a sacred environment by selecting a clean, calm location. Candles, incense, and soothing music can help set the mood for prayer or meditation.

            Focus on what you hope to accomplish with the aid of the Shree Yantra before energizing it. Imagine if everything you want has already come true.

            Flowers, fruit, candy, and other objects can be offered to the Shree Yantra as an expression of thanks and dedication.

            Hold the Shree Yantra in your palms and concentrate on it while you close your eyes to charge it. Imagine your hands emitting a holy energy that flows into the Yantra. To add more power to the Yantra, you can sing mantras or repeat affirmations.

            Once the Shree Yantra has been charged, sit in front of it and meditate while staring at it.

            Worshipping Shri Yantra : Shri Yantra Puja

            Worshipping Shri Yantra: Shri Yantra Puja

            Which Material Shree Yantra is Best?

            A crystal Shree Yantra is considered the most potent and effective form of Yantra. Crystal, a potent energy conductor, can magnify the Yantra's vibrations.

            A copper Shree Yantra has the same potency and efficacy as any other Shree Yantra. Copper has a long history of spiritual use due to its ability to efficiently transmit and store electrical current.

            Shree Yantras made of brass are highly revered due to the material's affordability, warmth, and beauty. Energy can also be transferred efficiently through brass.

            A silver Shree Yantra is thought to have extraordinary curative powers. Silver, a precious metal with a long history of spiritual and therapeutic use, is traditionally associated with the Moon.

            It is widely held that a gold Shree Yantra is the most fortunate of all Shree Yantras and that it will bring its owner the greatest wealth and abundance. Gold is a precious metal with healing qualities and a strong connection to the Sun.

            How to Make Shree Yantra at Home?

            How to Make Shree Yantra at Home?

            If you are a person who believes in sculpting your own deity, then we have given below a simple and effective way to prepare your own Shree Yantra!

            Make a grid by laying down a series of squares on your material of choice using a ruler. Use the ruler and pencil to divide the square into nine smaller squares of the same size.

            To make triangles, start by drawing four isosceles triangles, each with a base on one of the square's four corners. The intersection of the triangles should face the center of the square. Inside the largest triangle you just drew, make four more.

            Draw a circle in the middle of the square using the compass. It's important that the circle completely enclose the central square.

            To complete the Yantra, fill in the triangles and the circle with the paintbrush and color of your choosing. Paint in gold or silver is common, but you can choose whatever color fits your vibe and purpose.

            Complete the Yantra by waiting for the paint to dry completely before adding any final touches.

            When the Shree Yantra is finished, it can be activated by repeating the procedures described earlier in this discussion.

            Where should Shree Yantra be placed?

            The Shree Yantra should be placed on a wall that faces east if possible. This is because the rising sun, a sign of renewal and hope, is said to emanate from the east.

            The Shree Yantra should be kept in a clean, revered spot where it will be respected and safeguarded. Place the Yantra on a clean cloth or stand before an altar you've specially designed for it.

            The bedroom and the bathroom are not good locations for the Shree Yantra because they attract negative energy and distractions.

            To maximize the positive energy flow, the Shree Yantra should be positioned in the exact middle of the room, where it can symbolically represent the center of the universe.

            Maintain its energy and efficiency by keeping the Shree Yantra clean and free of dust. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive items when cleaning it; instead, use a soft cloth or brush.


            The Shree Yantra is a sacred geometric design with deep spiritual and symbolic meanings. It is a symbol of good fortune and success that can help bring about financial and personal success.

            Shree Yantras are commonly kept on altars or in other special places where they can be energised and activated through meditation, mantra chanting, and other spiritual practices.

            Shree Yantra's energy and effectiveness can be influenced by the material it is made of and the environment in which it is placed, thus, it is crucial to make these decisions with care and in accordance with your aspirations and beliefs. The Shree Yantra is a potent tool for improving one's mental and physical health.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            1. Which chakra is Sri Yantra?

            The Sri Yantra is linked to the crown chakra, or Sahasrara, at the very top of one's head. The Sahasrara chakra represents enlightenment, divine consciousness, and expanded awareness.

            It is claimed that the Sri Yantra symbolizes the harmony between the male and female energies as well as the equilibrium of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) that are linked to the body's energy centers (chakras).

            Using the Sri Yantra, one can stimulate and stabilize the Sahasrara chakra, opening the way to expanded states of awareness and spiritual development.

            2. Why is the Sri Yantra so powerful?

            Sacred geometry: The Sri Yantra is supposed to unlock the universe's secrets. It represents the universe's divine energy as a complicated matrix of triangles, circles, and squares.

            Divine symbolism: The Sri Yantra represents divine feminine and male energy, symbolized by the downward- and upward-pointing triangles. These energies are said to balance powerfully.

            Energy amplification: The Sri Yantra amplifies positive energy, creating a high-vibration environment that attracts abundance, prosperity, and well-being. The Sri Yantra's powerful and positive vibration resonates with the universe's energy.

            Meditation aid: The Sri Yantra helps people focus and connect with their inner selves. Meditating on the Sri Yantra can lead to spiritual growth, enlightenment, and higher consciousness.

            3. Can we keep Sri Yantra in your pocket?

            Even though you can put a small Sri Yantra in your pocket or wear it as a piece of jewellery, it is important to remember that the Yantra's energy and power may be lessened if it is not kept in a holy and safe place.

            The Sri Yantra is a holy object that has strong energy and is used for spiritual reasons. So, it's important to show it respect and honour by putting it in a clean, holy place, like an altar or shrine in your home or office.

            This will help keep the Yantra's energy and power going strong and improve its ability to draw in good energy and plenty.

            If you keep a small Sri Yantra in your pocket or wear it as jewellery, it can remind you of your goals and help bring balance and unity to your everyday life.

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