ek mukhi rudraksha benefits

1 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

The 1 Mukhi Rudraksha is nature's most auspicious, heavenly, and potent gift to humanity. It is the most valuable rudraksha bead.

Nepal is where the original Ek Mukhi rudraksha was unearthed. As a result, the majority of 1 Mukhi rudraksha come from Java, Indonesia.

There are 123 different varieties of Rudraksha around the globe, but only 25 of them are found in India.

Lord Shiva, the pure awareness or Paramshiva, is claimed to have blessed the One Mukhi rudraksha. The magical bead resembles Lord Shiva Himself (Sakshat Shiv swaroopa).

As a result, it bestows abundance on the user. It is thought that those who wear these beads achieve Moksha, increase their knowledge, and unite with ultimate divine consciousness.

The one-faced Rudraksha is modeled after Lord Shiva's third eye. This is the only fruit that we can put on. People say that praying one face rudraksha might help you regulate your energy levels.

'Rudra' means Lord Shiva, and 'Aksha' means Aansu(tears). Because it is produced from Lord Shiva's tears, it is thought that Rudraksha is a part of him.

To understand the strength of a single Mukhi rudraksha, we must first understand Lord Shiva's various attributes. The one-faced rudraksha bead can be kept at home for devotion or worn by a person.

This Rudraksha is associated with happiness and peace. And whosoever wears it, Lord Shiva and Mahalaxmi bless them.

The original Ek Mukhi rudraksha bead is brown and shaped like a cashew nut or half-moon.

The sun is the planet that rules over the most potent single-faced Rudraksha. This Mukhi Rudraksha represents the connection between heaven and earth.

People who worship one Mukhi rudraksha have several advantages, including the ability to cure bad health, improve mental wellness, and address health-related concerns.

Anyone can wear a one-faced rudraksha bead, regardless of their origin. It can be worn by people of diverse ethnicities, origins, castes, religions, and genders.

Ek mukhi rudraksha is also worn by people during shiva idol pooja to please the lord shiva idol placed in the pooja room.

Wearing it may be more useful for the sick. However, those who wear it must take certain measures to avoid the Ek Mukhi rudraksha side effects. There are also several unique methods to wear 1 Mukhi rudraksha.

This article will help you discover the benefits of Ek Mukhi rudraksha and precautions to avoid the Ek Mukhi rudraksha side effects.

ek mukhi rudraksha side effects

Significance of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

- It is the divine object of worship.

- It depicts the link between Earth and Heaven.

- It represents Lord Shiva's energy and provides escape from the life cycle (gives you Moksha).

- The person gains monetary and spiritual benefits from wearing this.

- It can heal.

- It enables the user to get worldly success without being attached to them.

1 Mukhi rudraksha benefits

benefits of ek mukhi rudraksha

You may reap the following One Mukhi Rudraksha benefits :

- It leads to improved mental and physical health.

- Keep bad energy at bay.

- It prevents stress, hypertension, and anxiety.

- It satisfies all of your wishes.

- It influences ideas and the psyche.

- This bead is ideal for dhyana and meditation.

- It heals migraines in seven days.

- The person wearing it becomes gentle and caring.

- This single Mukhi rudraksha bead increases the wearer's confidence.

- It regulates money flow and removes barriers connected to career, advancement, and financial concerns.

- Wearing one Mukhi rudraksha makes life easier and more pleasant.

Types of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

Here are four different colours of single-faced Rudraksha; each hue is worshiped for a different reason.

- Red One Mukhi Rudraksha: Worshiping this Rudraksha helps purify one's soul of all sins.

- White One Mukhi Rudraksha: The single-faced white Rudraksha is worshiped for excellent physical health.

- Yellow One Mukhi Rudraksha: This one-faced yellow Rudraksha is worshiped for a prosperous life.

- Black One Mukhi Rudraksha: This one-faced Rudraksha is worshiped for mental strength and a positive outlook.

How To Wear Ek Mukhi Rudraksha?

- Wash a single face rudraksha bead in clean, fresh water and soak it in cow's milk for one day before wearing it.

- On Monday morning, get up early, take a bath, wear clean clothing, and clean the location where you revere the deity.

- Then, in a copper jar, place Gangajal and gently wash Rudraksha.

- Now, apply gangajal on the rudraksha.

- After reciting the specific beej mantra listed below, it can be worn in white silk or wool thread

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

Below are the four mantras according to different Puranas :

- Mantra according to Padampurana : "Om Om Drisham Namah"

- Mantra ,according to Skandpurana : "Om Em Namah."

- Mantra, according to Shivpurana : "Om Hreem Namah."

- Mantra, according to Yogsara : "Om Om Brasham Namah."

Precautions To Take While Wearing Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

When wearing One Mukhi rudraksha, keep the following in mind :

- Rudraksha should not be worn while sleeping. Please keep it in the house's worship area before retiring to bed.

- People who wear Rudraksha should avoid eating meat and drinking alcohol.

- It would help if you did not take anyone else's Rudraksha or give your Rudraksha to anyone else. Don't flaunt it to anyone.

- It would help if you took care of your Rudraksha by cleaning it regularly.

- It's critical to avoid chemicals while cleaning these beads. Cow's milk or Gangajal should be used to clean your one-faced Rudraksha. You should also avoid using chemical soap after you have worn it.

- Wear it and worship it daily for the finest benefits.

- Take off the Rudraksha before attending the funeral service.

- Wearing a damaged bead is not acceptable.


People wear Rudraksha for both spiritual and therapeutic purposes.

It is thought that if a person wears a single-faced rudraksha, bad energy will not pass through them. Yogis and Munis traditionally wore Rudraksha for meditation and spiritual purposes.

Suppose you wear One Mukhi rudraksha for any reason. In that case, you should take all measures and care for your Rudraksha to get the advantages of Ek Mukhi rudraksha.

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